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2 SurvivorFan4EverNov 15, 2019Great MH member and I appreciate all the great NBA takes/discussions
5 tatermanOct 27, 2019Big love. Nick Bosa is a boss
1 mozyJun 9, 2019missing a real NBA finals
4 Bouncer014Nov 4, 2018One of my favorite posters on the forums. Generalmyrick sandwich! :D
10 generalmyrickDec 9, 2017read your comment = you suffer and still honorable. RESPECT to you, sir.
1 Bouncer014Oct 21, 2017And 1 more for consistently helping spread good info on the forums. Also, 29 is kind of an ugly number. :P
1 Bouncer014Oct 16, 2017Well, wasn't that nice of you (picking out the 40 stamina Gear Boxes)! Sometimes it's the little things that help make this place great! :)
1 user-26272961Sep 25, 2017Seriously, that was a great question. I'm exhausted. :P
2 Stealth1919Sep 11, 2017thanks for the help man
10 sto_248Sep 4, 2017Kd = trash snake. Lbj is his dad. The warriors blew a 3-1 lead IN THE FINALS AGAINST the GOAT. Next year finals: sixers over GS in 4
4 sto_248May 1, 2017LBJ goat
2 danky_nApr 19, 2017For a fellow GOAT member!
2 nick_iz_Di3harddud3Apr 16, 2017Happy Easter!
1 realGalaxyDragon3Apr 1, 2017April Fool's, #3-1 forever
1 neverenuffMar 27, 2017Turn your frown upside down! Don't be SAD, be a Winner and glad! Thanks for all you do in the GOAT clan!
2 ShazzyFeb 10, 2017Great Clan member! Has some great stories and betting advice. 3-1 Buddy :)
1 mchardjOct 12, 2016Great giveaway and start on MUTHEAD; thanks!
1 Capt_AwesmeSep 9, 2016Great student of BBU!
1 ggreen923Sep 8, 2016Welcome to BBU