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10 tatermanFeb 18, 2020So close to 100
2 Namtih21Feb 17, 2020Thanks for being in our league! Always good talking to you in slack too! Remember old MH!
10 NinerNationFeb 17, 2020Last day honor for such an informed and chill guy on the sports discussion boards!
1 kanFeb 17, 2020long live ol' MH!
3 bruinrogueFeb 16, 202069
1 tatermanJan 10, 2020I'll be here all week. I gotta be stingy with my Honor now because I cancelled Supporter lmao
5 ryanromprey12Jan 2, 2020Nomination for people who deserved to be recognized.
7 user-100034412Jan 1, 2020Just because.
1 Bouncer014Jan 1, 2020In part for answering my question, but mostly just for being awesome. :)
2 SurvivorFan4EverNov 15, 2019Great MH member and I appreciate all the great NBA takes/discussions
5 tatermanOct 27, 2019Big love. Nick Bosa is a boss
1 mozyJun 9, 2019missing a real NBA finals
4 Bouncer014Nov 4, 2018One of my favorite posters on the forums. Generalmyrick sandwich! :D
10 generalmyrickDec 9, 2017read your comment = you suffer and still honorable. RESPECT to you, sir.
1 Bouncer014Oct 21, 2017And 1 more for consistently helping spread good info on the forums. Also, 29 is kind of an ugly number. :P
1 Bouncer014Oct 16, 2017Well, wasn't that nice of you (picking out the 40 stamina Gear Boxes)! Sometimes it's the little things that help make this place great! :)
1 user-26272961Sep 25, 2017Seriously, that was a great question. I'm exhausted. :P
2 Stealth1919Sep 11, 2017thanks for the help man
10 sto_248Sep 4, 2017Kd = trash snake. Lbj is his dad. The warriors blew a 3-1 lead IN THE FINALS AGAINST the GOAT. Next year finals: sixers over GS in 4
4 sto_248May 1, 2017LBJ goat
2 danky_nApr 19, 2017For a fellow GOAT member!
2 nick_iz_Di3harddud3Apr 16, 2017Happy Easter!
1 realGalaxyDragon3Apr 1, 2017April Fool's, #3-1 forever
1 neverenuffMar 27, 2017Turn your frown upside down! Don't be SAD, be a Winner and glad! Thanks for all you do in the GOAT clan!
2 ShazzyFeb 10, 2017Great Clan member! Has some great stories and betting advice. 3-1 Buddy :)