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1 chinospikes_35Feb 19, 2017made my night coming across that comment lol. Good looks BG!
1 vucomedyFeb 8, 2017man myth and legend
1 ac7607Jan 31, 2017Great member, nice, and cool dude in general. Thanks blue. #L1C4
1 THECHIPPOJan 24, 2017For just being available to rant
2 Evidence86Jan 22, 2017Thanks for the easy MHC trade
1 mikev1952Jan 12, 2017Great guy and very helpful
3 acneeksJan 10, 2017HOMELAND was fire!!! thanks again :)
1 prestonporter53Jan 5, 2017Happy new year
1 TCFreeney93Jan 4, 2017Future father in law
2 Esko5150Jan 2, 2017Happy New Year Brother!
1 Goldengun7Dec 31, 2016RedSkkyDog
1 ArrowofAresDec 31, 2016wohoo
1 vucomedyDec 24, 2016Merry X-Mas my friend, I'll never forget the support MIA gave me in my time of need.
6 flex1515Dec 19, 2016Can't thank you enough for all you have done to welcome me to PS4, Much love brother
1 SaviorsDec 17, 2016Awesome Middleman And A great Member of this Community
2 SkernalsNov 22, 2016Great guy whos always helping out everyone he can
10 WarEagle34Nov 19, 2016Just an all around great dude.
5 Mr1_on1Nov 18, 2016 Let's get the 5th gold star filled in you deserve it
5 Mr1_on1Nov 18, 2016Congrats on two years my friend you are the GOAT
1 twikoffNov 6, 2016thanks for the welcome to MIA.. spreading the love!
4 vucomedyOct 22, 2016bump to 300, thank you so much my friend
1 THECHIPPOOct 22, 2016Really nice guy and helping out...I'll always remember your support. :)
3 JayVW318Oct 22, 2016Awesome member- amazing thing you did starting the thread for vu!
2 SurvivorFan4EverOct 19, 2016For the weekly TNF giveaways he's been doing for the community, and the countless other good things he's done :)
3 flex1515Oct 19, 2016good dude and always thoughtful