bdog80 has received 6 Muthead Honor from 6 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 samurijohnAug 9, 2016Happy to be in a clan with you man.
1 EazySteezy33Jul 26, 2016Bdog! Thanks for all you do around here man
1 Fitz097Jul 20, 2016Great guy, really helpful. Thanks for helping me with everything and thanks for always helping others
1 Lb33wonkaJun 23, 2016Great member of the community . Pays his giveaways !
1 jrad7080Jun 22, 2016Congrats on elipe up in hurr Doe!
1 ShazzyApr 7, 2016Great guy, played with him in a league for a bit. Keep up the good work