basebaldy1 has received 301 Muthead Honor from 63 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 jyun127May 18, 2016One of the best on the forums without a doubt!
2 QuickwigMay 16, 2016For being cool
2 GOTTEM_MANMay 15, 2016Great Member of the Community.
1 SurvivorFan4EverMay 13, 2016As chill as they come. Always helping someone out, a GOAT
2 THECHIPPOMay 7, 2016Have had nothing but great experiences with Basebaldy.
4 Detox_ArazosMay 6, 2016For being an outstanding member. Always there to help me out, talk to me, or anyone really. Nothing but class
1 JDSpadeMay 6, 2016Thanks for your offer regarding Boss Herman
1 kingy5797May 5, 2016 A token to show your contribution to the MHC community does NOT go unnoticed. Thanku 4 being a great MH member sir.
5 Sf49erMay 4, 2016GOAT! My man always goes above and beyond thank you brother
1 MrDru07May 4, 2016Always active and helpful. Former LxD homie and good friend on MH. Thanks for being so chill Baldy!
1 vucomedyMay 3, 2016Thoughts and prayers for your daughter- congrats on sons graduation, awesome present my friend!
8 TCFreeney93Apr 29, 2016MIA Family.
2 THECHIPPOApr 28, 2016Lots of respect for this GOAT always kind and generous!!!
4 kpreyesApr 27, 2016I just started interacting with him, but I can tell baldy is an awesome dude!
2 Twiggy523Apr 21, 2016One of the nicest members of the community and one of my favorite members on Muthead!
1 curtin2curtinApr 15, 2016One of most generous giys on MH, nothimg baldy wont do to help.Thanks for always lending a helping hand
3 GiantsFan001Apr 15, 2016One of the few members that have lotta respect to, always helpful, great member of the community
5 Redeyes012Apr 13, 2016True GOAT. Enjoy the new color bro
1 ChosenonesApr 13, 2016One of the best and nicest members in this community
1 Slammer4244Apr 12, 2016for being you bud.Congrats on the CCB buddy
5 Croll_DaddyApr 12, 2016Honors Begets Honors/ Thanks for helping me when I was helping another MH Member
1 bcc24Apr 12, 2016Awesome guy here
1 TCFreeney93Apr 11, 2016Won a giveaway of mine for 15$ Itunes. Hope it treated you well man!
5 MADDOG619Apr 11, 2016to my boy bball put the x up bro
1 bluegrazzcatApr 11, 2016Great MH member. Thanks for helping me out base & always a pleasure talking to you!