basebaldy1 has received 301 Muthead Honor from 63 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 RavensFan81Sep 24, 2016Saw that I haven't given you one yet. Cool guy and hope all is going well!
2 Throw_up_tha_XSep 12, 2016Cowboys baby!!
2 matt3352Sep 9, 2016Great member of the Muthead community
4 bluegrazzcatSep 6, 2016Does a lot behind the scenes....absolute great MH member!
1 Oak724Sep 5, 2016Solid memebr of the community and always respectful
1 Croll_DaddyAug 26, 2016Thanks for the kind word in the forum in reference to BBU
1 Brandonbs_21Aug 23, 2016A true goat of the community, glad to have met you baldy, keep up the great work, you are the definition of a role model
5 MADDOG619Aug 13, 2016to my good friend and legit member of the community bball
3 curtin2curtinAug 9, 2016Always a positive force! Thanks baldy
2 PTdangerousAug 3, 2016My man trying to find a ghost card for me and in the meantime hooks me up with the best TE in the NFL's card
3 Sf49erJul 22, 2016The true GOAT a true friend salute brother
2 vucomedyJul 18, 2016Thanks for the silver set help my friend!!!
5 Sf49erJul 2, 2016A Awesome person lucky to know him, extremely generous salute! brother
4 MADDOG619Jun 29, 2016to a friend and legit member in community
1 Broncos80Jun 5, 2016Former clanmate and Helped start up LxD BIG time thanks again baldy da GOAT!
1 MogulizerJun 4, 2016Passing out some honor to solid members here on MUT. Active and positive member all the way around !
10 Bigbluehouse1Jun 1, 2016baldy GOAT
1 THECHIPPOJun 1, 2016Baldy is such a great dude. Always looking out for nothing in return.
2 flex1515May 31, 2016such a stud and very generous
1 t1j2mMay 28, 2016thanks for setting an example for new members and providing a blueprint for being a part of what makes MH so enjoyable
10 Goldengun7May 27, 2016Very generous. Always willing to help others.
2 MADMAN4010May 22, 2016Great giveaway giving back to the community
2 Oil710May 19, 2016always giving back to the people... great member and very legit
5 ac7607May 19, 2016A true friend! Thanks for all you do