bank_ballers has received 186 Muthead Honor from 41 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
5 verdunbuldogsJan 13, 2018thanks for being a great leader for JFF
3 ryanromprey12Jan 12, 2018Thank you. I know we didn't always see eye to eye, but you are still a friend to me and still are a great member of this community. Thanks.
2 MeMike84Dec 30, 2017a token of my appreciation for being there for me through the toughest of times. love you man <3
2 OldButCanStillBallDec 9, 2017Happy birthday old man!!
1 OhCaptain20Oct 25, 2017Missed you my friend
1 BoskoOct 18, 2017for demonstrating gr8 leadership and having my back.
1 Lextheimpaler88Aug 24, 2017thx!!!!!
1 Blinky3707Jul 26, 2017Thanks alot for allowing me to join the clan!
1 FattyMcButterpantsJul 20, 2017For letting my goofy butt into JFF
1 aondis1Jul 6, 2017Thanks for the introduction to JFF!
1 BoskoJun 24, 2017Pumped about this. And pumped 2 be #100. Ty sir!
1 Sdbolts760Jun 24, 2017For being a great leader
1 jeh611Jun 23, 2017Showing respect for all that clan leaders do for their clan families!
10 Matthew2172005Jun 23, 2017Thanks dad!
1 bringbacktheoilersJun 20, 2017For our fearless leader
1 verdunbuldogsJun 17, 2017for being the leader of JFF!
1 ollever99Jun 5, 2017Thanks to be part of JFF
1 miafinsMay 31, 2017Thank you so much!
2 OhCaptain19May 31, 2017Becoming a legend wouldnt have To been possible without you my friend!
1 SukAtMutMay 27, 2017For the JFF Clan
6 Dwar13May 22, 2017For making the best clan in the land we are holding down the fort for you we made the front page
10 Matthew2172005May 20, 2017For being the best clan leader and dad!
5 Matthew2172005Apr 21, 2017To the best clan leader. Proud to be a part of JFF.
1 miafinsApr 13, 2017Thank you for the donation
1 samurijohnApr 9, 2017Great member.