archieremike has received 27 Muthead Honor from 13 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 DavisthefreemanSep 1, 2017sorry bout what happened
1 RWatts35Jul 29, 2017Hey brother, just wanted to say thank you for everything. Through out talks I can say that I value your friendship.
1 kakavinciJul 15, 2017great community member and
1 PersonMannJun 21, 2017Thanks for helping out with the daily giveaways while I'm gone
2 OhCaptain19Jun 20, 2017We gave the exact same tip in the USSR giveaway! Great minds know how to maximize stamina!
1 TheFit1Jun 10, 2017Beautiful story. Happy Father's day
5 CurtisMcElrathJun 4, 2017Good helpful member of the community
1 ThinAirJun 2, 2017Honour for being a great, positive and helpful person on muthead
1 DavisthefreemanJun 1, 2017great and helpful clanmate
3 c_gmzMay 23, 2017Thank you for entering the giveaway honoring BOLD and BBU :)
2 Mr_Primetime_21May 18, 2017Sent a fellow clan member MHCs to do pick'ems unasked. Extremely generous and helpful! :)
1 tricky80gMay 16, 2017grats BBU grad #312!
1 MrBrownSauceMay 3, 2017awesome guy! helped me get my BWW icon went out of his way to help
3 pdcameronMay 2, 2017Great to have you in the clan, awesome personality and a good member overall
2 DavisthefreemanMay 2, 2017Good guy and go get a color
1 MrBrownSauceMay 1, 2017Helpful advice