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    Hi everybody, I'm throwing myself into the free agent pool. I've been offered many clan entries recently and in the past but never could commit due to not wanting to let any clan down. I've been a member on here for over 3 years and have been as helpful as possible. I've done some giveaways and traded many times without any problems. I sometimes can go weeks without logging on though. I really enjoy this sight for information and recently became a Muthead Supporter. I'm hoping to find a clan that fits me and my personality. 


    About me: I'm 35 years old and play Madden on the PS4. I'd like a clan with mature and laid back members. I try to play and hop on this sight daily but of course life gets in the way. I'm very polite and respectful with anyone and will not interact/argue with anyone who is rude. I like to play sim style, so any clan with ps4 players that also play that way, is a plus. I only recently started a rep/vouch thread even though I've been here forever. I don't really use Gauntlet, packs or Pickems( besides during football season), so my overall probably isn't going to get very high. I don't really want to join a clan that is going to pressure me to get a high overall. Any other question? Feel free to ask. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

    Join us we are really chill


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