Xxswaggerp84xx has received 28 Muthead Honor from 17 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 bringbacktheoilersAug 24, 2017Welcome to jff
1 MchewyAug 24, 2017Welcome to JFF!
1 JaketlarsenAug 21, 2017Trustworthy member
2 Blinky3707Oct 28, 2016thanks for helping me out, great friend :)
1 Tims1893Oct 8, 2016Fair member! Never worried To go First on a big Deal :) ty
1 bloodysycophantOct 2, 2016Good trade. Good member of the community.
2 mackmiller974Jun 6, 2016Very chill guy great Mutheader
1 seahawks618994May 29, 2016Great guy! Very legit and helps me get to legend!
2 chuckesmilesMay 23, 2016For being helpful in the community and being an awesome clan mate.
1 Fitz097May 19, 2016Thanks so much for everything you have done for me
4 Niners700May 17, 2016Let's get you some too! Thanks for the giveaway heads up too!!!
1 BBad14May 15, 2016Swagger, you've been such a great clan mate! You've definitely been a stand out member of [GOAT] and I would just like to say thanks!
4 GOPACKERS2909May 14, 2016New color time!
1 STR8MERCMay 13, 2016This guy has been extremely helpful thank you !
1 sambvaughanMay 13, 2016Great guy! Thanks for being awesome and patient with me all the time :D
2 HTTRJustinMay 12, 2016For being a great clan member, and being a nice guy overall. Thanks for everything man
1 GOPACKERS2909May 10, 2016Chill dude always offereing to help me out on stuff. A+ member.
1 THECHIPPOMay 8, 2016Seen a lot of good things from this guy! Keep it up man!