Xcitan has received 25 Muthead Honor from 7 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 AJones7304Jan 29, 2019Welcome Back!
5 AJones7304Nov 19, 2018Happy veterans day
5 Bigbluehouse1Nov 11, 2018Thank You for your Service! Have a great extended weekend Brotha!
1 Evidence86Nov 11, 2018Happy veterans day
1 jeh611Apr 26, 2017Tremendous respect for your service. A clan such as this is first class! Thank You.
1 MrJNov 10, 2016Veterans Day 2016 Thank you for your service
1 ggreen923Sep 11, 2016Thank you for your service
1 dmichalikApr 8, 2016Hero, GOAT, and friend. If you Google "honor", you should see his AVI.