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1 OldButCanStillBallNov 27, 2019Welcome to Blitz!!
1 BhawkOct 24, 2018Rep for the good post in Gen Chat about domestic terrorism and I agree 100% (we don’t agree on much be we do on this)
10 Gord0Oct 11, 2018Don't ever back down
10 Bigbluehouse1Oct 11, 2018Keep fighting for what you believe in No matter what the biased MH Crowd Says #MAGA
2 blitzfistOct 7, 2018WooHoo
3 blitzfistOct 5, 2018Happy Supreme Court Friday
3 blitzfistSep 27, 2018Hey Not sure of your age but you sound way more intelligent than those idiots you were posting to in general chat today. Good job bro
1 realitychekOct 24, 2017Cushingless generosity. ;-)
1 Ccrane9Oct 23, 2017Your contributions to the Madden Mobile forum are Wonderful, Wonka!
3 mmEricmmAug 9, 2017Love the pun thread. Get yourself a new color with 20 Honor. :)
1 jrotogeekAug 6, 2017Go Hokies!
1 dillonwurtzMar 6, 2017thanks for try to help man!
5 yusuf1180Feb 26, 2017thanks for finding a way to play mm on pc
1 TheDakAttackFeb 21, 2017Thanks for the give away!
2 DaBears4LyfeOct 9, 2016Welcome to Rise Brother
1 yusuf1180Oct 8, 2016BBU Grad #150
1 jimmyv723Oct 6, 2016Awesome AVI giveaway
5 chrisbhedrickOct 6, 2016For holding an AVI giveaway, in which he pays for some one to receive an AVI, forgoing buying one for himself, definition of selfless act!