Vladimir_Putin has received 220 Muthead Honor from 59 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 zoowildlifeAug 19, 2017Leaguemate, friend and overall one of the best people on this site!
2 LKDESIGNZAug 18, 2017for always being a friend
1 BonkAug 12, 2017If trees could scream, would we cut them down? We might - if they screamed all the time for no good reason
1 madtiger925Aug 4, 2017Enjoy your vacation!
1 Tee543Jul 30, 2017Hal, the reason I signed up for an account on MH... to chat with theCOW! Thanks for being a great leaguemate!
1 user-19541905Jul 28, 2017For fabulous reviews of things!
1 zoowildlifeJul 20, 2017Market report = HOT..it really opened by eyes and made me feel all warm inside..I can't wait for the packs to drop!!!!!!
1 madtiger925Jul 18, 2017Because who doesn't love a cow!!
1 josh2brazyJul 17, 2017USSR Soviet
3 JTCarpenterJul 12, 2017Thanks for being a great friend. I appreciate your kindness and your positive attitude! You're a great member of this community bud!
1 9erBJul 6, 2017Save a Cow! Eat Mor Chiken!
2 tricky80gJul 6, 2017For being so cool to me since day one. It is really appreciated.
1 DoomsdayBuzzJul 4, 2017Happy 4th brother
1 LKDESIGNZJul 4, 2017just an all around genuine good guy, glad i have gotten to know him...
1 DaBears4LyfeJul 3, 2017GOAT
1 DaBears4LyfeJul 3, 2017Sick AVI! Great Clanmate and league mate!
1 EspnguyJun 28, 2017Welcome to USSR
5 JcurtismmJun 23, 2017So helpful on here tricky! From your giveaways to your charity stuff. Always willing to help !
5 BonkJun 23, 2017Welcome to the Motherland!
2 madtiger925Jun 23, 2017Welcome to USSR!
1 jawabombJun 14, 2017For good luck at WSOP!
1 Throw_up_tha_XJun 8, 2017Congrats on 160 honor! Always a pleasure seein u around the forums. :-)
1 LKDESIGNZJun 8, 2017just one damn amazing brotha
1 9erBJun 7, 2017Always willing to help others SFB ftw
1 josh2brazyJun 7, 2017Thanks for being a great Cow