TruePanda has received 247 Muthead Honor from 83 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 ArrowofAresJul 29, 2019M20 hype
1 WizDragonXboxJul 10, 2019Awesome work with the new & updated Vouch System. Top notch contribution!
1 CPAgamer1Jul 8, 2019Awesome stuff with the new vouch system. The community thanks you for all your contributions!
1 chargersrock54Aug 6, 2018Great member
3 mchardjAug 2, 2018Thanks for bringing the MHC value chart back!
5 lachrymotionJul 27, 2018You’re my boy blue. Just watch out if I’m in a car
6 D2KDuFFyFeb 15, 2018Half man half Goat
2 mchardjFeb 11, 2018thanks for running the prices forum for all this time!
2 brian211259Sep 28, 2017For MHC price thread--one of the most helpful on MH
4 lachrymotionAug 23, 2017For the true MH GOAT. Can't wait to see what happens w/ the stream in M18!
1 Throw_up_tha_XJul 18, 2017Congrats on the signed jersey playa
4 XhellhamerXJul 17, 2017Thanks for helping me with my shazier giveaway stream
1 LBJJun 28, 2017Best panda on this site... I think? ;) Keep up all the great work you do man.
3 Kb72Jun 28, 2017Panda, What Muthead legends are made of!
2 Thunder13DomeJun 27, 2017For always giving back to the community with advise or jusr being supportive. Great MH member!
1 SukAtMutJun 22, 2017For keepin those vouch threads in check
5 EightenderJun 21, 2017For all the work you do with the voucher system
1 Throw_up_tha_XJun 18, 2017I hate fake pandas... good thing u legit. Love true pandas :-)
1 Robrules1Jun 5, 2017Appreciate all you do for the community
1 t1j2mJun 4, 2017for your many contributions to the community, thanks for being such an asset to the community even though it's under appreciated
1 sirjibbaMay 21, 2017For having great giveaways and entertaining streams
10 jyun127May 16, 2017200 hype!!!
8 lachrymotionApr 25, 2017Swerve
2 Thunder13DomeApr 18, 2017Great community member and very cool dude! You my boy blue
10 tricky80gApr 13, 2017Thanks for all your help.