Tralinski has received 52 Muthead Honor from 27 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
3 EightenderMay 25, 2017Great help in the Pack Bounty thread.
1 MakerMay 21, 2017Thanks for helping me get back up on my feet!
1 t1j2mMay 21, 2017helped another member out who lost all of his MHC in a pickem even after losing a good bit himself..that speaks volumes about your character
1 archieremikeMay 21, 2017Histed a generous giveaway! Thanks for helping out the community ! Great memeber of MutHead!
1 MrCraig24May 17, 2017great clan member and pack baller!
1 DanavanxMay 17, 2017RUSH Most Improved member April
2 mcharles51May 10, 2017Thanks for helping answer the glitch with Jets unlisted players yesterday
1 tricky80gMay 8, 2017Congrats BBU grad #274!
1 DanavanxMay 7, 2017Congrats on elite!
1 Dliebs97May 6, 2017Nice post on how to increase MH overall
1 ThinAirMay 3, 2017Smooth easy trade! Great positive guy on MUThead!
1 jeh611Apr 26, 2017Keep the good times rolling!
1 RshootsMar 21, 2017For encouraging a positive MH experience for all