Tralinski has received 52 Muthead Honor from 27 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
5 MrCraig24Aug 12, 20171 of the best guys on muthead, enough cant be said about your character hard work and dedication
1 CillidogAug 5, 2017Seriously, how do you not have more? Awesome leader
1 dolphaholicAug 3, 2017Congrats on legend bro. You deserve it!
1 DanavanxAug 3, 2017Congrats on LEGEND!!!
1 squatnbearAug 3, 2017Awesome guy, bought me a avi when i first got on mh
1 ccooper555Aug 2, 2017For always giving back to the community
1 vinsanity616Aug 1, 2017For jinxing the streak.
1 MrCraig24Jul 31, 2017underdog appreciation, keep up the good work tranny!
4 MUTLOBJul 21, 2017Happy birthday Tranny!!
1 DanavanxJul 20, 2017Happy stinking birthday old man!!!!
1 dolphaholicJul 20, 2017Happy birthday! You keep doing you bro. Thanks for always making Muthead a better place
1 BlackandgoldhawksJul 19, 2017Great giveaway you have going on!
1 RWatts35Jul 11, 2017Long overdue brother.
1 jeh611Jun 28, 2017To an honorable opponent in the Nickname Battle!
1 HailToTheRedskins24Jun 26, 2017Love the well written arguments on battle of the nicknames
1 user-100013122Jun 18, 2017I'm clearly not the first
1 verdunbuldogsJun 17, 2017my turn to send one now. For being a great and helpful all-around member on muthead
2 TheMaddenGuru24Jun 10, 2017Thanks for the help with the tournament and bumping the threads, really appreciate it.
1 tricky80gJun 8, 2017An all around good person
2 hookrightthurJun 8, 2017Hooked me up with a dope Hook AVI! Thanks a million brother
3 ThinAirJun 1, 2017Great, positive clan member and does a lot for us
1 DanavanxMay 31, 2017Congratulations on RUSH RXO promotion!
1 RaiderLegendSFMay 29, 2017Happy Memorials Day! Such a positive member of the community!
1 TheLegend5632May 28, 2017Fantastic clan mate and friend much respect for a bro
1 RaiderLegendSFMay 26, 2017Such a nice guy who always represents [RUSH] in a positive manner! Proud to call him a friend!