Thunder13Dome has received 161 Muthead Honor from 22 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 FroZenb0NeZApr 17, 2018Great player! Great Friend! One of the most trustworthy members on MUTHEAD! GOOD GAAAAAWD!
1 MrDru07Mar 22, 2018Thunda.. Thunda.. Lightening and the THUNDERRRR!
1 CowboysFanTillDeathMar 17, 2018Thunda dog, legit member, great for the community
10 D2KDuFFyFeb 21, 2018Wesley Snipessss In the auction house
1 Kb72Feb 15, 2018Thunder!!! there is nothing more to say!
1 MrDru07Feb 1, 2018Got love for the homie. Squad!
10 D2KDuFFyNov 16, 2017Mutheads Father. Miss you man
1 MrDru07Nov 12, 2017New superhero buddy. Squad!
1 CowboysFanTillDeathNov 11, 2017100% legit and helpful
1 CowboysFanTillDeathOct 15, 2017Always changes his team, His favorite quote, "should I sell now or wait?"
5 FroZenb0NeZOct 12, 2017Won his Super Bowl / Head to Head Beast!
1 CowboysFanTillDeathOct 7, 2017for the homie :D
5 FroZenb0NeZSep 24, 2017Awesome Clanmate and one of the most legit members of MUTHEAD.
1 CowboysFanTillDeathAug 28, 2017Great guy and super legit clan member of mine!! The Thunda dog!
1 MrDru07Aug 22, 2017Would let this man borrow any card I have no question. Legit. Squad!
1 CowboysFanTillDeathAug 21, 2017Legit member known him for years, a GOAT :D
8 sbdraptorAug 12, 2017Thanks for the players brother. Greatly appreciated.
2 Kb72Aug 4, 2017All we are is dust in the wind....You my boy Blu! LOL! Thunderdog is always cool and definitly one of my favs! Legit is an understatement
5 FroZenb0NeZAug 1, 2017Year around player and H2H BEAST deserves to break 100 honor! (Listening to Thunderstruck as I write this)
1 Little_HasmanJul 29, 2017Being my ass so badly that I rage sold my O-llne
1 Kb72Jul 15, 2017Thunder dog
1 Oil710Jun 28, 2017I vouch all my MHC for this guy.
2 Kb72Jun 28, 2017Buds for everybody! Thunderdog is one of my favorite people on this site... if you don't know him, you should.
10 TruePandaJun 27, 2017Thunder keeps it real 100% of the time, 10/10 quality
1 FroZenb0NeZJun 4, 2017Thunder has great knowledge of the MUT market.