TheLegend5632 has received 88 Muthead Honor from 40 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 Bones939Apr 17, 2018Mighty kind of you sir
1 MikeyDFeb 26, 2018For lending a helping hand in a super fast manner, thank you!
2 xXcGil18XxFeb 22, 2018Thanks for giving back to the community sir.
1 jeh611Feb 6, 2018Thanks for staying on top of things! No harm done.
1 ABowlOfFruitsJan 10, 2018Definitely an example to new members how to be a fantastic member. Keep up the fantastic work
1 t1j2mJan 4, 2018exemplary member who promotes a positivie culture through his kindness and generosity
3 ScallywhaggDec 5, 2017Cool dude!
1 LKDESIGNZDec 5, 2017for always being a community guy, and always being supportive of other artists... thank you brotha
1 Swing4TheFencesNov 13, 2017Took the time to hook me up with my current avi for free. Class ACT!
1 archieremikeNov 2, 2017Thanks for the great job on the McCoy Avi i won !! excellent work man!
1 BoskoOct 29, 2017I"ll be coming back - trying 2 post everywhere so members cant see ur brillance
10 SethFreakinRollinsOct 24, 2017Great guy. Thanks so much for your generosity.
10 dump02Oct 16, 2017Thanks for the MHC
9 i_throw_bombsOct 14, 2017you the best
2 RWatts35Oct 8, 2017Hitting Legend !!! And hopefully a CCB.
1 i_throw_bombsOct 2, 2017Legend status
1 Stinger82Aug 17, 2017Cool clan leader thanks for having me
1 C1TYH1CKAug 13, 2017For giving me a muthome
1 rocketismail75Aug 6, 2017Thanks for the Mod appreciation giveaway and being a great community member
1 Jbrinson7Aug 1, 2017Thanks for your generosity. The giveaway for rwatts was a good reminder of the real life challenges we all struggle with from time to time.
2 ScallywhaggJul 28, 2017Thanks for everything man!!!
1 MakerJul 21, 2017The Pack is a lot stronger with you in the foundation. Keep up the great work!
1 MakerJul 17, 2017Thanks for covering for me man, it means a lot!
1 RWatts35Jul 11, 2017Thank you brother. For just being there !!! Love ya !!!
2 jeh611Jul 5, 2017For your patience with my Pirate Avi!!