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1 Blinky3707Nov 8, 2017appreciate the welcome to the clan
1 Throw_up_tha_XSep 25, 2017Lets go cowboys! The dak attack gonna win us a game :-)
1 dj1jryAug 11, 2017DC4L. Keep doing what cha doing. Good member to this community
1 Throw_up_tha_XJul 29, 2017Gave me good luck on my pick ems! Hope thedakattack is my good luck charm #DC4L
1 Dale9876Jul 25, 2017Thanks boss nice of u to do that!!
1 FattyMcButterpantsJul 22, 2017Go Dirk!!!!
1 user-100013122Jun 7, 2017For posting what I wanted to post!!
1 NykeStormMay 29, 2017Love the analysis bro, great reads. Keep it up!
2 MeMike84May 26, 2017a token of my appreciation for your awesome game analysis threads. such great reads and a positive contribution the community!!
1 FitPittsMay 13, 2017Have a good night man!
1 Jackhammer458May 13, 2017Enjoy the new color.
1 hawksocksMar 15, 2017Excellent advice and knowledge! I appreciate your willingness to help.
1 AilmanFeb 20, 2017welcome to the family