Tekhed1 has received 117 Muthead Honor from 32 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 freefall1289Mar 7, 2017Grats for hitting Legend. Sent your insurance mhc btw :)
2 JOYOFROYOMar 2, 2017great dude always lookin out, glad to be his clan mate
1 jeh611Feb 24, 2017For all that you do on this site, as well as in our league. A valued member of both! Tons of respect!
1 Throw_up_tha_XFeb 23, 2017In trickys clan. Always involved in the forums.. great dude from what I can c. Hope this gets u a ccb brotha
5 YesWeCam1Feb 13, 2017Helpful clan member
2 tricky80gFeb 13, 2017So generous! Honored to be clanmates.
1 Xcritic187Feb 2, 2017Thank you for helping other in need! You truly deserve this honor!
1 tricky80gJan 25, 2017So glad to be clanmates with this amazing guy!
1 Adopolus234Jan 20, 2017Legit dude, Cool dude, one of the best to deal with! Fully recommend him!
1 Ph33rTreyJan 13, 2017Thank you for helping me get my RB today; I apprieate everything you do for us & our MHC Deals
1 mudflap38Jan 9, 2017This guy is as legit as they come. Definitely trust worthy.
1 xBengalsx18Jan 5, 2017Thanks for the help man!
1 tricky80gJan 2, 2017Great member always helping others
1 EndWishDec 24, 2016nice xmas giveaway!
1 Mr1_on1Nov 17, 2016to honor a legit member of our community thanks for all you do!
2 xBengalsx18Sep 5, 2016Thanks for taking time to look at my ah man much appreciated!
5 Click916Aug 9, 2016Great memeber !!! Had a couple great interactions with on he forums and win a giveaway !!! Thanks for being awesome RISE Up!!!
2 user-19541905Aug 2, 2016Incredibly honest member of Muthead. Thanks again.
1 markymarkmfbJul 21, 2016Straight up solid guy. Did a trade with him that was smooth and quick. would deal with you anytime brother. Thanks.
1 mudflap38Jun 28, 2016Very fast transaction Thanks
1 Adopolus234Jun 24, 2016Cool dude, He is my #1 go to guy when I'm selling mhc.
1 JONNYMACK1184Jun 5, 2016For giving back to the community
1 Click916Jun 3, 2016Good looking out , definatly deserves some honor