Tekhed1 has received 117 Muthead Honor from 32 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 EinsOnCMay 27, 2017Great Clan Member
1 Ophie83May 24, 2017Hooked me up with a fantastic AVI! Tek is the best!
2 t1j2mMay 19, 2017for helping out when the chips were low (or in my case, non existent..lol) an awesome gesture by an even better person, thanks Tek!
1 jeh611May 15, 2017Great Artist Giveaway!!
10 tricky80gMay 7, 2017Thanks for the hookup. But thanks even more for always helping everyone in need.
2 DonMontana23May 7, 2017For being such a great community member!
1 jeh611May 3, 2017Congrats on 5000! Marking the date.
2 DonMontana23May 2, 2017For beeing a great Community Member!
2 jeh611Apr 30, 2017Round up to 60. Your help yesterday made Legend happen in time!
1 NykeStormApr 29, 2017Extremely nice, great person
1 jeh611Apr 28, 2017Keeping the league engaged in my absence!
2 Ophie83Apr 24, 2017Still the GOAT.
1 Ophie83Apr 24, 2017The GOAT
1 t1j2mApr 22, 2017thanks for your donation to another giveaway and everything else you do to create the enjoyable and helpful culture on MH
1 jeh611Apr 16, 2017I appreciate your patience since my work picked up. Thank you!
1 Jackhammer458Apr 16, 2017For helping out another community member.
4 tricky80gApr 14, 2017Great friend, mher and person!
1 t1j2mApr 13, 2017always looking out for others and making the MH community great, thanks Tek!
2 Bouncer014Mar 28, 2017Thanks for helping bring much fun and many smiles to my days w/all of your gif wizardry. :)
1 t1j2mMar 25, 2017for donating to the giveaway, much appreciated Tek
1 Ph33rTreyMar 13, 2017Thank you for doing the giveaway.
1 Throw_up_tha_XMar 13, 2017thanks for the response tekhed!
2 tricky80gMar 12, 2017Grats on becoming legend! Thanks for all!
1 samurijohnMar 8, 2017Congrats on Legend back at cha!
2 YesWeCam1Mar 7, 2017Congrats on legend