Swaglife81 has received 56 Muthead Honor from 24 members.

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1 Ccrane9Nov 30, 2018Thanks for the Twitch Stream notes!
1 verdunbuldogsNov 13, 2018thanks for your great contributions to the forums
1 ApexNov 12, 2018I recently became a supporter, u have helped me alot and i always agree with what u have to say. Figured u deserved my 1st Token given!
1 mabaeyensSep 25, 2018Happy Birthday!
1 seahawks1977Sep 15, 2018Good call on Byard/Safeties. Appreciate the insight
1 Ccrane9Sep 6, 2018Solid Mobile Forum Contributor
7 CidDeuce78Jul 10, 2018Demo brutha
2 Namtih21Jun 14, 2018Such a GREAT contributor to MH! Thanks!
1 Ccrane9May 11, 2018Nice KotB Profit breakdown
1 JTCarpenterMay 10, 2018Sending you up to #40 because you definitely deserve more and I wish I could send you 200! Thanks for all that you do bud!
1 verdunbuldogsMar 4, 2018nice Armstead review!
10 AilmanFeb 7, 2018Thank You
1 SnagdizzleApr 2, 2017Welcome back Swag!
2 lwcftwApr 2, 2017Some honor for a DeMO OG
5 GiantsFan001Mar 24, 2017great clan bro, always making great post to help the community
1 jyun127Mar 21, 2017Welcome back my dear friend!!
1 twikoffSep 22, 2016demo clan mate, and great guy
1 topcat1235Jul 30, 2016Great member and clanmate
1 SnagdizzleJun 23, 2016Dude has all the knowledge about the game. Team DeMO
1 NilsbangJun 22, 2016still one (if not THE) most helpful guys on MH!
3 Primetime_VolJun 14, 2016Always posting helpful information
1 bbigg44May 30, 2016Supplies good info to the community. Disagreed with me about the Peanut "The GOAT" Tillman, but we all can't be perfect.
1 conrad10781May 20, 2016You help keep my post count low! :-) We seem to be on at the same times and have like minded thoughts.
1 CrayonsMeltMay 9, 2016Thanks for the GT info, got you to 10 honors!
1 RocketzApr 27, 2016Thanks for the helpful post with info on AWR from Clint Oldenburg!