SupBraMadden has received 26 Muthead Honor from 10 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 awsomeguy408Aug 9, 2017You are a great guy. You made a mistake but you worked tirelessly to get the mistake fixed. I commend that and I'm glad you got your tag off
5 WonderfulWonkaAug 4, 2017You are an amazing person! You made a mistake, but then made things right. Here is some honor and a little MHC... Great work bro! :)
2 Mooks101Sep 23, 2016Working tirelessly trying to get rid of the tag. We all make mistakes and we're human beings, guy deserves another chance. #RemoveTag
5 BleedervalveMMAug 23, 2016Making sweet avis wnd helping us out!!
1 dillonwurtzAug 12, 2016amazing guy and gfx partner cant wait for that tag to be gone
2 xBengalsx18Jul 25, 2016I admire what you are doing to remove that tag and become a reputable member! Good luck bro
3 HailToTheRedskins24Jul 22, 2016Thank you for making me a new clan sig :)
1 MVPFolesJul 16, 2016Nice dude. Makes some great avis and is helpful in general, deserves to have his tag off!
1 dillonwurtzJul 8, 2016Great gfx partner
2 nick_iz_Di3harddud3Jul 7, 2016fire kd avi
2 TigerPrideJun 23, 2016That scammer tag needs to GO, he deserves it. One of the few scammers I've seen make an effort to escape his past. Really nice kid
1 Mooks101Jun 10, 2016Welcome to Supporter, here is your first honor.