Spud has received 100 Muthead Honor from 18 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 Bouncer014Jan 1, 2020Can't believe I've never "gotten" you before. Always appreciated our chats and your quality postings, so lets get you to 100 while I st can!
5 TheMaddenGuru24Nov 14, 2019Good to hear from you again, and also thank you for understanding how the game works lol
1 JTCarpenterAug 16, 2018My 2nd to last honor goes to you. Because... well, just because! =)
2 TheMaddenGuru24Aug 11, 2018Thanks for being an awesome leaguemate man, here's to next season!
10 NykeStormJul 29, 2018For my guy, appreciate all the help you've given me.
3 captamerica76Jul 21, 2018Thanks for the lineup help!
1 tgaraJul 3, 2018Well since you work for EA I thought I'd give you one!
2 captamerica76Jun 19, 2018For my favorite member of EA's studio team
1 WarpedChewieJun 6, 2018A True Hero among us all! Spuderman; The Conquest of the Agi-tater coming a theatre near you!
2 captamerica76May 26, 2018Thanks for all the help and advice!
2 NykeStormMay 26, 2018For all the help you give me
2 JTCarpenterMay 13, 2018I could write something nice here, but then it wouldn't be any fun. So............................um......................yeah! :)
1 WarpedChewieMay 9, 2018Because I’m craving potatoes
3 captamerica76May 7, 2018Thanks for all the help with MM and welcoming me to MH and TRUE! You're awesome!
3 WarpedChewieApr 10, 2018For all your line up help, gameplan help, and general MM help. You’re very appreciated! Thanks bro!
1 verdunbuldogsMar 17, 2018positivity and helpfulness
1 WarpedChewieMar 5, 2018Thanks for all your help and for leading me to [TRUE] !
5 NykeStormFeb 23, 2018For all that you've done for myself and the clan. Thank you.
4 realitychekFeb 9, 2018Don't give out often, so it is always big and you were a BIG help. ROOT help.
1 BigCheeseFeb 6, 2018Awesome giveaway! thanks
3 JTCarpenterFeb 1, 2018Gotta give you #40! Change dat colahhhhh!!! You ahh da man dawggg! Keep up the great wahhk! Sorry if you can't undahhstand my Bahstin accent
2 ButteryPeanutJan 18, 2018Not much but some appreciation for you man. Hope you stick with Madden Mobile.
5 NykeStormJan 18, 2018Welcome to TRUE!
10 Jenson1981Jan 14, 2018thx man
3 ThinAirJan 12, 2018Amazing generosity handing out the biggest giveaway ever