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3 thebrownsniperJul 25, 2016Indian nation!
1 SupBraMaddenJul 21, 2016Very cool Animated Sig Thanks!
1 Hackel4Jul 19, 2016Great guy! Introduced me to MH Poker League and helped me out !
2 Mooks101Jul 17, 2016Great guy! A true leader from the clan HERO! His gfx works is A-1... Keep it up!!
1 AUBLUEJun 16, 2016Good guy! :-)
1 t1j2mJun 5, 2016color up!!
1 t1j2mJun 5, 2016posted a very informative spreadsheet and offered to help me out with the MH poker league..thanks for being a great part of the community!
1 pocketpistonJun 4, 2016thanks for the sniping filters