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    The best part about TOTW for PC players is that we'll never see any of the LTD items because they literally never appear on the AH on PC. Fun cards to imagine having, though!

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    Quote from GuessTech >>

    I have a 95 Ray -- SO he and Shazier run the MLB Mike/Will -- However, if I could do it all over (well I could, but it's expensive) -- I'd probably shift to Jerry just to have a top notch WR as my 'best' card on the team.  I think a 95 WR Rice would do more damage than  95 MLB overall -- But that said,.. I'm not dissapointed in Ray Lewis at all.

     This is where I'm at. I didn't know Shazier was going to be a thing this year and there's also the HOF Urlacher as well, so if I did it all over again, I might go with Jerry as well. But I can't resist having a tricked out Ray Lewis on my team, just like I can't resist having an Ed Reed on my team.

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    Quote from BlairWalshPrjkt >>

    There are a few glitch plays on defense that he top 100      Know that is the bottom line 

     I don't know about glitch plays, but Mid Blitz is what I use sprinkled in with Quarters 2 man under. Gets you a ton of sacks and if you invest in CB's who can press + cover and have some speed, you can lock down the CPU all game easily.

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    #5 Player on PC here.


    I used to sit around 22-24k points just by scoring as many touchdowns as I could. I have a one-play touchdown money play that I used and I was confused why I could never place in the top 50 despite scoring between 50-100 points/game + shutouts.


    So here's what you need to do (this gets your user score up from 500 to above 1,200), aim for these marks:


    • 30 completions (with a 90% or better completion percentage)
    • 15 first downs
    • 2 rushing TD's
    • 2 passing TD's
    • 150+ rushing yards
    • 300+ passing yards
    • shutout on defense
    • As many user sacks as you can get (meaning switch on to the free rusher as soon as he gets near the QB)
    • As many user picks as you can get (Pick sixes are always better)

    And a helpful tip here is to always run punts/kickoffs out of bounds at the 5 yard line to maximize yardage on your offensive drives.


    Here's how I like to structure my drives:


    First drive: I go for rushing yards and first downs. If I break a long run on this drive, it really sets me up nicely for the rest of the game. If I break a run for a long TD, I'll run out of bounds at the 2 yard line. This gives me a first down, and on the next play I can pass for a touchdown, giving me a completion and passing TD.


    Second drive: I usually go for completions + first downs + passing yards here.


    Third drive (the drive before the half): I go for as many completions as I can get before I use the one-play TD to end the half. A good half for me means I have 24+ points.


    Second half drives: Usually I just fill in what's needed. I'll do a couple drives of one play TD's to maximize passing yards (run out of bounds at the 2 to also have it register as first downs), sprinkle in a couple rushing TD's as well to get those up, and then just run the ball every now and then to get the rushing yardage up, and run some quick completions for first downs (always running out of bounds).


    Following that formula as well as getting lots of sacks + turnovers + no points on defense has allowed me to hit most of those marks consistently.


    EDIT: Current Squad

    I use GD offensive chem (T6), LD defensive chem (T6) and Ravens chem (T6)

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    I have no idea how anyone gets that much training to use lol

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    I mean it depends on which media you're talking about. Generally speaking, NFL Network is a branch of the NFL and their revenue is tied to NFL revenue. Small market teams like Jacksonville and Minnesota don't bring in as much revenue (viewership, mainly) as big market teams do, so it makes sense they want to see big market teams playing in the Superbowl.


    That's really all it is, just money. Eagles vs. Patriots gives you two big market teams, but unfortunately you're also getting Nick Foles vs. Tom Brady.

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    If you think CNN is bad, let me introduce you to Fox News:



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    I just wish he would stop spamming bullshit and actually elaborate on what exactly was bad about this movie. The best he's done is "DISNEY RUINED STAR WARS!" and "characters are bad!". Can't believe mods allow this bullshit spam.

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    Quote from dc112sgt >>
    Quote from bluegrazzcat >>

    If DC didn't like the movie, that's his opinion and no sense in people arguing with him. I've never been a sci-fi fan, so personally I think they all suck(sorry Jedi clan) Smile

     thank you i'm allowed to have an opinion ... the movie is crap 50% of audiences hate the movie that's HUGE
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    Quote from dc112sgt >>

    waste of $14 i say ... never will i get 2hrs and 35 minutes back

    Oh so you have seen the movie now? Can you tell us specifically what you didn't like about it, instead of just spamming this thread with youtube videos from random people who didn't like the movie?
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    Quote from colton_toy >>

    dc what specifically didn't you like about the movie? I love space stuff so I pretty much love any type of space opera.

    DC is already on record saying he hasn't seen it and won't see it. Everything he posts about TLJ is just spam. It's even more hilarious that he's trying to inject Ben Shapiro's opinion into this lol like yes, the thing missing from the reviews of Star Wars are the views of a racist pseudo-intellectual who ran a white supremacist blog site for 4 years! 
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    "A Jedi doesn't give up - he doesn't secrete himself on an island" ahhh yes clearly we've never seen a Jedi retreat into hiding because they made a mistake until they're about to die, only to be found by a young apprentice, right?


    Image result for yoda dagobah



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    Quote from FatWhiteRabbit >>

    Unanswered Questions

    1. What happened to the Knights of Ren?

    2. Snoke's past story and why was he so powerful?

    3. Rey's parents were junk traders and sold her? I'm not buying it.

    4. Who is the young kid with force powers at the end?

    1. A question I'm hoping is answered and/or explored in the next movie as well, especially now that Kylo is in charge of the FO. One common theory is that they're all dead, which I still hope is explored.
    2. Who cares. In the original trilogy, we didn't get any backstory to Emporer Palpatine before he died. Snoke was just some guy.
    3. Why not? The whole premise of this trilogy seems to be that anyone can use the force, not just the chosen few.
    4. Just another nobody, as far as we know. I liked the mystery that appeared there, because it leaves the door open that maybe he will become important down the road.
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    Quote from dc112sgt >>
    Quote from kingy5797 >>

    Tax cut or not tax cut, there is still a sex offender in the office of US President. SMH.

     can you please give proof of this ? this is slander of the highest offence
    Donald Trump admitted to it on tape..........
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    Quote from kmattoo >>

    GOP will be aiming to cut social programs next year when our deficit balloons thanks to this tax plan.

    Yep. The GOP will cut their own taxes and then force social programs like Meidcaid, Medicare, and Social Security to pay for it.
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