SnAExclusiVe has received 50 Muthead Honor from 24 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 xVxViiP3RxVxDec 6, 2017For speaking the truth
2 wizardsbloodSep 26, 2017when you get banned for speaking TRUTH = HONORS
2 kanAug 14, 2017Yup Yup
1 markhunzJun 28, 2017for great advice on milestone investment
1 SportsFan5000Jun 2, 2017
1 wizardsbloodMay 15, 2017SNA = one of the greatest minds of muthead
1 Baller1234aApr 18, 2017Fighting ignorance through knowledge
1 GuzguzmanMar 10, 2017SMUT Honor
2 Lowel_roffelMar 4, 2017Welcome to the clan!
1 Lowel_roffelFeb 14, 2017For having a functional brain
1 Ducati0307Feb 4, 2017Here's some honor - it's for one of your posts that I enjoyed and/or felt you had helped out the MUT community. Keep up the good work dude!
1 misk53Jan 11, 2017Thanks for using your brain.
1 FatWhiteRabbitDec 14, 2016Smart and witty poster that enlightens the forum consistently
1 wizardsbloodNov 28, 2016awareness = 100
1 bethro01Nov 24, 2016Happy Thanksgiving!!
1 bethro01Oct 14, 2016Thanks for using your brain matter, not just letting it waste space. Facts are such a hard concept to some
1 WizzLeSep 12, 2016One of the more entertaining members of the site for me. Always using witty sarcasm to shine a light on hypocrisy.
1 wizardsbloodAug 14, 2016one of the most intelligent members of this site, a true force
2 misk53Aug 6, 2016Very intelligent and thanks for fighting the good fight in general chat
2 chummer1010Aug 4, 2016because I love your signature
1 pfb_threeJul 20, 2016appreciate your point of view - keep fighting the good fight against racism, ignorance, hate and misinformation.
1 THECHIPPOJul 18, 2016Facts. Not lefties who are stupid and support "King Obama." Always providing facts.
1 mchardjJul 17, 2016Your fighting a good fight; TD is a troll
7 PostUp47Jul 15, 2016Straight facts in Gen. Chat. Congrats on the clan, man
2 MrJJul 13, 2016For fightin the good fight against the crazies in gen chat