Slammer4244 has received 1026 Muthead Honor from 229 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 t1j2mFeb 18, 2020one final recognition for a deserving member before the move
5 sturkieraFeb 17, 2020For being the GOAT Mutheader!
10 Sr71nightstalkerFeb 7, 2020Clan love
1 OldButCanStillBallJan 31, 2020Thank you for all your effort. Truly appreciate it.
1 kalledianJan 28, 2020Thank you for posting daily notes from the morning streams. Always look forward to your posts. Reliable
2 VonJan 24, 2020I appreciate all that you do, believe or not :)
3 OhCaptain20Jan 24, 2020From a mobile Mod who doesn't get into these parts enough...
2 trewafszdcvxbnhjJan 9, 2020ive wanted to show my love for what you don on here for a while in this way but the honors havent come in. Have a day my man you are a beast
1 t1j2mJan 7, 2020always relaying info to the MH community and helps others whenever he has the opportunity. congrats on HoF status!
1 ryanromprey12Jan 6, 2020Nomination for people who deserved to be recognized. Also wanted to be your 1k. Congrats!
10 Sr71nightstalkerJan 5, 2020Clan love
10 Boss1089Jan 5, 2020Good luck with 1k
10 jrad7080Jan 3, 2020Happy New Year Doe
10 HURCULESC130Dec 31, 2019Let’s get to 1k
10 pdcameronDec 30, 2019On to the new forum
10 CerndogDec 30, 2019Always have seen you doing good for the community and with the site switching I want you to be able to hit 1000 before there’s no longer an
10 ksugg30Dec 20, 2019I rarely watch Twitch. So usually getting the info from your content threads. Thanks for the work!
1 nolesrback2011Oct 23, 2019Thanks for all the daily info look forward to ur thread since i can't watch stream while working
5 BigCheeseOct 17, 2019Thanks for the info while I'm work! Good to stay informed.
1 Sr71nightstalkerOct 3, 2019Thank you for leading by good actions and good deeds.
10 ST3313R_NaTioNSep 4, 2019Always a great help
10 D2KDuFFySep 3, 2019The literal GOAT of Muthead
1 twikoffSep 2, 2019happy labor day!
1 BillsMafia82Aug 23, 2019happy 10 years to you slammer
10 BlackandgoldhawksAug 19, 2019Thanks for all the great Mut info