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1 nolesrback2011Oct 23, 2019Thanks for all the daily info look forward to ur thread since i can't watch stream while working
5 BigCheeseOct 17, 2019Thanks for the info while I'm work! Good to stay informed.
1 Sr71nightstalkerOct 3, 2019Thank you for leading by good actions and good deeds.
10 ST3313R_NaTioNSep 4, 2019Always a great help
10 D2KDuFFySep 3, 2019The literal GOAT of Muthead
1 twikoffSep 2, 2019happy labor day!
1 BillsMafia82Aug 23, 2019happy 10 years to you slammer
10 BlackandgoldhawksAug 19, 2019Thanks for all the great Mut info
10 xprrtJul 27, 2019For all the info u provide brotha!
8 dadejazzJul 12, 2019one of the many great leaders in the community ..Thanks
1 55studwellJul 11, 2019Such a cool thing to help out fellow MH and give away 200k guy needing to build an RP
2 Throw_up_tha_XJul 5, 2019Keeps feedin that m20 info!
2 PatriaNYG26Jun 25, 2019[email protected]
3 James93AZCardinalsJun 22, 2019Hardest working guy on MH - thanks for all the info you give us
5 StickWork7Jun 13, 2019For being a great clan leader and sane member of the forums
2 Throw_up_tha_XJun 7, 2019Thanks 4 the reply. And updates!
5 pauliev31Jun 7, 2019Thanks for your help today
2 55studwellJun 6, 2019Part of the HOF campaign
2 diimsday1044May 29, 2019Congrats on 45k and your closing in on Hall if Fame soon as well !!
3 Gord0May 28, 201945k
5 dadejazzMay 10, 2019great member
4 SkernalsApr 13, 2019Thanks for all the hard work you put in
1 joburns6617Apr 11, 2019Thanks for all you work!
1 mchardjApr 8, 2019Thanks for all the info and all you do!
2 mattp31Apr 1, 2019Code breaker updates helped a lot