Schwagzor has received 102 Muthead Honor from 42 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 Swing4TheFencesJul 12, 2018Saw a good deed you did. Class act. // Proverbs 27:17
1 xprrtJul 12, 2018For helping the dude who lost coins out, very nice of you vud.
8 Fitz097Jun 26, 2018Clan Brother!!!
1 Fitz097Nov 21, 2017Fantasy Football Rival and Friends
1 JDSpadeOct 14, 2017Easy MHC deal. Fast negotiation. I sent the MHC and he followed through. Thanks!
1 Fitz097Oct 14, 2017Great clanmate and brother! You need to try squad with JJ, me, Lk, Ruined and oop
3 GuzguzmanOct 14, 2017Always great to meet and deal with great members of this community! Thanks for the honesty and quick deal!
1 AdirtymutheadSep 24, 2017Good dealing with you!
10 yusuf1180Aug 16, 2017most helpful old guy out there
1 Fitz097Aug 13, 2017Thanks for the loans you gave me throughout the year. thanks schwag cant wait to beat you in FF
1 Swing4TheFencesAug 12, 2017Willingness to help others is refreshing
1 Zeuswp34Aug 12, 2017Thanks for the donation for the giveaway it's much appreciated!
1 Mad_DoctorrJul 31, 2017For the banking tips
1 EightenderJun 10, 2017Great community member
3 cheifdebluntJun 3, 2017GOOD GUY, QUICK AND EASY TO DEAL WITH.
2 pfb_threeApr 26, 2017thank you for being you!
1 sirjibbaMar 22, 2017Thanks for the MHC to use on Pick'ems.
1 LordKakuzuFeb 12, 2017Thanks so much Schwag!! Amazing clanmate and member of this community!!
2 Fitz097Feb 12, 2017Best Member and friend i have ever meet! So happy you joined HIT thanks for everything
1 Legend69Jan 29, 2017Thank you for the giveaway donation
1 1234RuinedJan 23, 2017Great member of the MH community! Proud to be in the same clan as him!
1 brigreen529Jan 10, 2017Back at you. Never a doubt bro!!! Anytime an thanks again
1 Throw_up_tha_XJan 8, 2017One of the top dawgs on MH! Thanks for everything man
2 MVPFolesJan 8, 2017thanks for the loan man
3 x6sic6_PariaHxJan 3, 2017Thanks for another smooth and easy deal brother.