Sal198444 has received 116 Muthead Honor from 34 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 Wilywonka1017Jan 5, 2017For the gaming emulator and that badass avi
5 JTCarpenterJan 4, 2017Sending 3 honor your way because 113 would've been my father's 61st birthday (1/13). Not to mention, congrats on 2 years as a member of MH!
10 MADDOG619Jan 3, 2017grats to a legit member and friend who has been with me since day 1. makes this community a better place
1 Wilywonka1017Jan 3, 2017For the avi and your 100 honors
4 NykeStormDec 31, 2016New years!!! Don't get down on Ohio State's L... you got 99 fella.
5 NykeStormDec 25, 2016Happy holidays my man keep helping me w/buying bundles.
2 chuckesmilesDec 25, 2016Merry Christmas
1 THECHIPPODec 24, 2016Thanks for the solos and being a good friend :)
10 JTCarpenterDec 23, 2016Thanks for being a good friend. I wish I could give you 100 Muthead Honor, but 10 will do for a guy like you!!!
2 mpark81Dec 20, 2016Thanks for getting those players for me bro
2 chuckesmilesDec 18, 2016Helping me out on the giveaway
1 chuckesmilesNov 24, 2016Happy thanksgiving buddy
1 tacosabanNov 24, 2016Happy Thanksgiving!
1 chuckesmilesNov 5, 2016For adding to my giveaway :)
2 Mooks101Oct 10, 2016#70 Great guy and a valuable asset to the MH community. Oh and congrats on legend :)
1 Mr1_on1Oct 9, 2016Congrats on Legend!!
1 chuckesmilesOct 9, 2016Congrats on legend. Your my boy
1 vucomedyOct 9, 2016Class Guy tyty
1 Esko5150Oct 7, 2016A good dude and glad to have met him through the online community!
2 GOPACKERS2909Oct 1, 2016One heck of a kid! Keep it up kid, your doing great ;)
2 THECHIPPOSep 15, 2016Ty for the early bday gift -- means a lot man truly does.
10 MADDOG619Sep 4, 2016one of the outstanding members in the community i would trust with my rep
4 TallbullSep 1, 2016Lookin forward to some MM with y'all soon!!
2 flex1515Aug 24, 2016Great guy and easy to trade with, will trade with him again
1 pocketpistonAug 16, 2016For being the good sport when i trolled