SadSmilez has received 15 Muthead Honor from 8 members.

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Amount From Date Note
1 Ccrane9Aug 3, 2019Thanks for the Legend Badge Tip!
3 OhCaptain20Feb 20, 2019My pleasure and thanks for the round up brother!
1 RshootsFeb 7, 2019Thanks for supporting wehaveasituasian's Super Bowl Giveaway. Nice to support MH positivity!
5 Stinger82Mar 6, 2018Welcome to pack, im stinger, ive been unable to login for awhile
2 MUTLOBNov 21, 2017Once a clanmate, always a friend. Love you Smilez!
1 BlittzburghJun 11, 2017Great post, looking out for the family! We'll done!
1 Xcritic187Mar 9, 2017No problem brother! I got you
1 lachrymotionSep 21, 2016Great BBU Grad!