RusselWilson3 has received 60 Muthead Honor from 16 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 SkernalsNov 4, 2019Take care Russ hope all is well
8 SkernalsApr 29, 2019Some honor for an old friend. Hope all is well man its been a bit
1 Brosephus1Oct 2, 2017Hope your cat is doing well.
1 Brosephus1Sep 27, 2017Give this man a Ccb!
1 Brosephus1Aug 23, 2017Getting the russman to 40 honor
1 Brosephus1Aug 21, 2017Good to have you active again.
1 Brosephus1Aug 19, 2017Go Hawks!
1 Brosephus1Aug 18, 2017Rock on
5 SkernalsJun 25, 2017Take care Russ im done with madden and Muthead. It was nice knowing you bud
1 mozyMay 29, 2017Memorial Day & Birthday giveaway!
1 Brosephus1May 20, 2017Let's get you an even 30.
1 Brosephus1Dec 4, 2016Russ is a solid dude. Hope he gets a ccb for this!
1 toberle1Nov 2, 2016great member.......appreciate opinions on pickems
2 SkernalsOct 27, 2016A great former clanmate and currently one of the best clan leaders on the site.
1 imarino13Sep 7, 2016Awesome Giveaway from a great Community member!
1 ZimTzuAug 18, 2016GL on the new clan and thanks for hosting the giveaway
1 diimsday1044Aug 18, 2016honor great clan leader and did a great giveaway keeping forum active
1 nls1508Aug 13, 2016great guy, always helping ppl out on the forums!
1 futhead_mpk0303Aug 12, 2016One of the best around man! GL with the new clan buddy!
1 SkernalsAug 8, 2016Congrats on the new clan! I know you will do a great job
1 CillidogAug 8, 2016I am sorry for what I did BOSS. I know you'll be an amazing leader!
1 Hatman11Aug 5, 2016Great member always willing to help someone out
3 SkernalsJun 15, 2016Great clanmate and member of the community.
3 chummer1010Jun 12, 2016great pickem's guy
1 dmvrMay 24, 2016A real good pickems player and an even better member!