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    Hey everyone, as some of you know, we've been hosting weekly $1,000 Madden tournaments on our Twitch channel every Friday night. It has been a lot of fun to work on, but now I want to open it up to you guys in our core community. We're excited to announce the first ever Muthead Community Championship! Here's everything you need to know:


    When: Saturday, 4/13 at 8 PM ET

    Where: twitch.tv/mutheadtv

    Format: 32 player single-elimination on MUT Unlimited



    You guys will be playing for the same prize pool the pros play for each week in Friday Night Football. The champion will receive $1,000 USD in addition to some other prizes. Here's a breakdown:


    1st Place: $1,000 USD

    1st - 4th: Muthead T-Shirt

    1st - 32nd: 1 month subscription to playbook.gg


    How to Participate

    If you meet the requirements below, post in this thread and let us know you're interested and keep an eye on your PM inbox over the next several days. This is an invitational event, so just posting in this thread doesn't guarantee you a spot on the bracket. We will use a variety of factors in making selections including your activity level and standing in the Muthead community. The cut-off for sign-ups is end of day on Tuesday 4/9.



    • 80+ Muthead OVR
    • Muthead member for at least 90 days as of 4/13
    • Can play on Xbox One and stream to Twitch (the Twitch Xbox app is fine)
    • 18+ years of age
    • US Resident
    • Never have competed in Muthead League, Friday Night Football, or an MCS Live Event in the past 2 years

    In the event you win, you will have to sign an affidavit of eligibility stating that you complied with the tournament rules and you played your games entirely on your own. Letting anyone play in this event for you is not allowed and signing a false affidavit certainly isn't in your best interest. The official rule set will be posted early next week. It will be very similar to what we use for Friday Night Football (found here).


    If you have questions, let us know. I'll do my best to answer in this thread. Good luck!

    Quote from Drew_412 >>

    Pretty sweet rocketz but why only xbox one?

    All of our tournaments up to this point have been on XB1. Since the majority of pro players have both, that hasn't been an issue really. I know that it's not the same for you guys, but we have to start somewhere. If this goes well, this will be the first of many and we'll certainly be able to get PS4 involved.

    Quote from Hodgey33 >>

    Will the tournaments ever be opened up to UK,  German and Canadian residents,  just like the MCS events this year ?

    It's possible, but not likely in the near future. For each country (and sometimes region of a country), we need a special rule set that complies with their laws/regulations. The MCS is working with a much bigger budget than we are. I'd love to open our events up to everyone regardless of where they live, that's just not realistic right now.

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    We're a day away from April. There's no real point in saving for later. Keep him on the squad and have fun.

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    Cross man the Pats Sail post and you'll be just fine. If they can't adapt, you'll take the W.

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    That's awesome. Congrats!

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    You can open a ticket here and support will help you regain access to your old account:

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    I don't think there are rules, it's just however EA designs a card. You can look at a card's Upgrades and see whether he will have any ability chem slots. For example:




    Derwin James's 90 OVR MUT Monster has a Safety ability chem slot available in his Upgrades path. If you're looking to see which chemistry types will be available to him, Jake's post has that info:




    Good luck!

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    I found this the day the new route chems came out. I had been keeping it quiet, but it looks like it's pretty public now. The post route on the left side of Pats Sail is special. Deep third zones will match it and play man to man against it. That leaves the deep left side of the field wide open. There are a few ways to attack it.


    The deep crosser from the deep route specialist chem will do it, but that's not the only way. You can put your HB on a wheel route, then motion him left. It creates a route combo similar to the old fake screen wheel.


    If you're facing this and want to counter it, just put your deep third zone into a deep quarter or half and it won't match.


    Good luck guys!

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    Looping blitzes behind an odd front are tough to run on. The guards target the looper so poorly. Some guys I can run all over 335 odd, but against better players I still struggle running even with 2 TEs on the field.

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    Quote from Fro408 >>

    Nope..It's broken.

    I wouldn't say it's broken, it's by design. Competitive players don't want a defended WR to be able to consistently go up and catch it over a DB even if it is a mismatch. Every once in a while you'll win a jump ball, but it's rare.


    As someone else mentioned high points to curls in the redzone with an aggressive catch are consistent enough where I throw them especially against cover 2 or 3. If they're manned up, I rarely if ever come down with the ball.

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    Congrats! Shazier is a game changer on defense.

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    Quote from MutApotheosis >>

    There was a thread about Melvin Gordon and it just disappeared


    I am all for mods on forums, but what happened in that one that it was deleted along with all of the users posts?


    Just curious what the rules are at this point

    If something just disappeared like that, I'm nearly certain it's the spam bot. Posts from newer accounts are scrutinized to prevent spam and sometimes the logic to detect spam gets it wrong.

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    You have a few options here. You can call a specific play to run against so that you know exactly what the defense is in. The other option is to call a random play or a random play within a set. For example, you can call a random cover 2 play and the CPU will only call cover 2 plays. You can practice making reads against hard flats, cloud flats, and soft squats. You won't be able to see previous play to know exactly what play it was.


    In either case you won't be able to see the play art for the defense presnap though. If you want to do that, you'll need to use two controllers.

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    I have beaten players that are clearly better than me and I've lost to guys I'd beat 9 out of 10 times. Yeah, it's frustrating. It's football though. Flukey stuff happens. I'm not here to defend EA for everything they're doing. I have my own frustrations with the game this year. I just don't think there's any possibility EA is predetermining outcomes and altering gameplay to achieve those outcomes.

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    Quote from large8j >>

    I think it works best for DT's. I use it on Randle and notice it, especially if the QB does playaction. He used to be fooled and go after the HB.

    I'm mostly concerned about the user side of it. It clearly says in the description you cannot be faked out, but it's still happening. Have you seen the U light up under a DTs feet when you think it's triggering?



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