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    I found this the day the new route chems came out. I had been keeping it quiet, but it looks like it's pretty public now. The post route on the left side of Pats Sail is special. Deep third zones will match it and play man to man against it. That leaves the deep left side of the field wide open. There are a few ways to attack it.


    The deep crosser from the deep route specialist chem will do it, but that's not the only way. You can put your HB on a wheel route, then motion him left. It creates a route combo similar to the old fake screen wheel.


    If you're facing this and want to counter it, just put your deep third zone into a deep quarter or half and it won't match.


    Good luck guys!

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  • posted a message on Loop 335 blitz is OP against the run too...

    Looping blitzes behind an odd front are tough to run on. The guards target the looper so poorly. Some guys I can run all over 335 odd, but against better players I still struggle running even with 2 TEs on the field.

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  • posted a message on Does aggressive catch work on Competitive?
    Quote from Fro408 >>

    Nope..It's broken.

    I wouldn't say it's broken, it's by design. Competitive players don't want a defended WR to be able to consistently go up and catch it over a DB even if it is a mismatch. Every once in a while you'll win a jump ball, but it's rare.


    As someone else mentioned high points to curls in the redzone with an aggressive catch are consistent enough where I throw them especially against cover 2 or 3. If they're manned up, I rarely if ever come down with the ball.

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    Congrats! Shazier is a game changer on defense.

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    Quote from MutApotheosis >>

    There was a thread about Melvin Gordon and it just disappeared


    I am all for mods on forums, but what happened in that one that it was deleted along with all of the users posts?


    Just curious what the rules are at this point

    If something just disappeared like that, I'm nearly certain it's the spam bot. Posts from newer accounts are scrutinized to prevent spam and sometimes the logic to detect spam gets it wrong.

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    You have a few options here. You can call a specific play to run against so that you know exactly what the defense is in. The other option is to call a random play or a random play within a set. For example, you can call a random cover 2 play and the CPU will only call cover 2 plays. You can practice making reads against hard flats, cloud flats, and soft squats. You won't be able to see previous play to know exactly what play it was.


    In either case you won't be able to see the play art for the defense presnap though. If you want to do that, you'll need to use two controllers.

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  • posted a message on This game is so luck based its sick...ea decides who wins

    I have beaten players that are clearly better than me and I've lost to guys I'd beat 9 out of 10 times. Yeah, it's frustrating. It's football though. Flukey stuff happens. I'm not here to defend EA for everything they're doing. I have my own frustrations with the game this year. I just don't think there's any possibility EA is predetermining outcomes and altering gameplay to achieve those outcomes.

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  • posted a message on Does anyone use Unfakeable?
    Quote from large8j >>

    I think it works best for DT's. I use it on Randle and notice it, especially if the QB does playaction. He used to be fooled and go after the HB.

    I'm mostly concerned about the user side of it. It clearly says in the description you cannot be faked out, but it's still happening. Have you seen the U light up under a DTs feet when you think it's triggering?



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    I'm hoping at least one person can say they've witnessed Unfakeable work and maybe I'm just doing something wrong. It worked last year but I can't get it to trigger at all this year. I really hope it's not another broken chemistry ability. These things aren't cheap and if we're getting no impact, it needs to be fixed ASAP.

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    I put Unfakeable on Shazier, and it seems to do absolutely nothing. I user him the entire play. I've never seen the "U" flash under his feet. I still get spun out as if I don't have it on. Am I doing something wrong? Or does this chemistry just not work?

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    Idk if pancakes are the right approach, but I feel EA needs to punish people who don't match personnel. If I'm running Ace personnel (1 RB, 2 TE, 2 WR), there's no way someone subbing safeties at LB that ends up with 7 or 8 DBs on the field should be able to stop the run. The competitive community is divided on that. I just wish matching personnel was more mandatory than it is.

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    I was going to say the same thing. I got spun out with Shazier that I put Unfakeable on. I don't get it.

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    I honestly think it's 100%. If you're directly behind someone and can land a user strip, it always pops out. A lot of times they get a quick animation and pick it right back up, but it's a turnover enough of the time where it's really annoying. Nothing like that should be 100%. It doesn't take skill to pursue a ball carrier and press right bumper. On breakaway TDs I find myself weaving and getting caught or going out of bounds just to avoid the strip.

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  • posted a message on Any advice would be great

    I'd probably sit tight for now. There are rumors a new promo is coming out within a week. That Training will be nice when big name players get upgrades over the next month with whatever new promo is coming along with Most Feared.

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