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    Quote from DarkPassenger >>

    Appreciate you actually addressing people.


    I think what made MH unique, and why so many of us use it, is the way the forums were set up. That has been thrown out and transitioned to a Reddit type setup. I know a lot of us dont use Reddit because we dont like the setup. Now we're being forced to use that type of forum.


    The best part if MH has been removed and copied a different site. If MH is now a lesser version of Reddit, what will keep people here? Reddit has more users so why would people stay on a smaller lesser version of Reddit? 


    You can say the community is what will keep people here but a lot of the pillars of the community arent happy with the switches. Lots of guys have already talked about leaving, including myself, due to MH losing what made it great in the first place.

    I tried to take the things I like from modern forums like Reddit and merge it with the things I like from Muthead's forums. I really like being able to see conversations within a thread on their own chain. It's so much easier to follow than bouncing around and looking at giant quote chains.


    Also, we now give you a lot of different ways to view the forums. If you want as little change as possible, sort your forum threads by last active:



    And sort replies within threads by newest:



    Give it a shot for 15 minutes just reading threads. I know it's very slimmed down visually compared to the old forums, but I think readability has improved a lot. If you disagree after giving it a shot, please let me know. I would love to know why.

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    Quote from PotomacJ101 >>

    Will we still have pick ems?

     They'll be going away for a bit. I hope to rebuild the system over the coming weeks.

    Quote from boomer295 >>

    Is there a reason why the mitigation to the new site can’t be delayed until the customization features, and other things planned to come after launch, are added?

    Yeah, we were supposed to be off of the old framework by the end of 2019. I got a slight extension, but all support for our current framework is being dropped. I have no control over that decision. I'm trying to balance deadlines and prioritize feature rewrites. I've spent over 6 years now building Muthead on its current framework. Rewriting so much of the stuff I've built in that time is just a lot of work.

    Quote from mrnfl123 >>

    How close to the launch of the new site will MHC be added and able to make transactions?

    MH Credits are ready to go. We just didn't deploy it over the holidays while the office was closed. There might be a few hours of downtime on MH Credit transactions, but that's it.

    Quote from ryanromprey12 >>

    So I want a clarification about clans: all the clans will transfer over at some point, along with all the clan spots/members in each clan correct?

    That's correct. If I decide to cut a feature like clan ranks, I'll refund the clan owner everything that was purchased and some extra MH Credits on top of it. I haven't planned out the Clans system rewrite yet. I'll have more details soon.

    Quote from l3wisit3 >>

    I am thinking the new forums will hopefully run smoother. I also like the upvote/downvote option for posts. 


    What I am concerned about is overall flow/readability. I really like how the current MH forums flow, have very clear and separate boxes for posts, and don't mesh together. 


    I guess my big questions would be are there plans to enhance the aesthetics? Is search functionality going to be significantly improved when compared with how it worked before it stopped working? Will there still be scammer tags? Will old lineups move over? Will there still be ways to see if you've already opened a post and who the last poster was from the topic page?


    Thanks for all you do Rocketz.

    A lot of questions there. I personally prefer the readability on the new site, but maybe that's just because I've been looking at it for so long now. Back and forth conversations within a thread now have their own chain so I can follow them easily without giant quote blocks. Voting is nice as well to prioritize the meaningful responses against the troll replies.


    In terms of the aesthetic, I prefer the slimmed down version to prioritize the content. I know it's very minimalist compared to the current design. We're working on a user tooltip/modal that will bring back a lot of the personalization when you hover over a name like an avatar and account details.


    Search is something I'm not quite sure I'll add back. I didn't think the old search was great and I always found myself Googling "Muthead Forums ______" to find the post I wanted. Google is just way better at indexing content than I'll ever be.


    Scammer tags are a much smaller thing than they used to be, but it's not hard to add back. I'll investigate how big of an issue it is and make that call at a later date.


    I don't have plans for supporting old lineups. With all the work that needs to be done, it just seems like a low priority. I'll always keep that data so if I change my mind in the future, I'll be able to import them.


    You can already see who the latest person to reply was from the thread listing page. You cannot see which threads you've already read.

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    Quote from Ballsy >>

    Will I keep my Muthead OVR?

    The plan is to freeze Muthead OVRs and migrate them over. Whatever OVR you have on that day, you'll keep for a while until we can rewrite the system that calculates it. Keep in mind that when we bring it back, there will be significant differences since some of the features it currently depends on won't be there.




    So if I have active warnings my overall be frozen at the current state? Will they still expire? 

     I hadn't considered that. I'll likely just remove warning penalties while OVRs are frozen.

    Quote from DarkPassenger >>



    Idk why we need a worse version of Reddit.

    Staying on this forum system wasn't an option unfortunately, and when building something new I wanted to take some of the things I liked from more modern forum systems while preserving a lot of what I like about Muthead's forums. If you have specifics, I'd be happy to address them.

    Quote from LBJ >>

    I saw you mention briefly on the other forum that honor would be phased out? Any word on this? Is this a permanent removal, or like you said about the other features, a cosmetic feature that will come later over time.


    Thank you to you as well as the development team of the new forum! Keep up the hard work. 

    We've already stopped all new sales of MH Supporter and when old.muthead.com goes away, I'm going to cancel all active subscriptions. If you  If you had MH Supporter at any time, my plan is to give you an ad free experience on the new site forever. I'm planning to migrate honor for historical purposes, but no new Honor Tokens will be given out once old.muthead.com goes away.

    Quote from Ballsy >>

    Also.... Clans? Still a thing yeah? 

    They're probably going away for a little bit. The data isn't lost. I'll bring them back with changes/improvements as soon as I can. I know they're important to a lot of you.

    Quote from robertk328 >>

    The big question is, will ignore lists carry over?

     At this time, they will not. I'm going to explore how difficult it would be to rebuild that feature. It's something we got for free on the current forums.

    Quote from d_ramafied >>

    So sounds like some new mhc stuff as well. Hrmm. Like no gauntlet etc...

     Gauntlet is going away. This is an opportunity to rethink how MH Credits are earned and spent. MH Credits certainly aren't going anywhere and once we're done with the site rewrite, I'm excited to get back to work on new community features.

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    Hey guys, as I'm sure everyone has seen, we launched our new forums earlier in December. I know the feedback hasn't been great. Change always comes with frustration, but support for the framework these forums are written on is going away.


    We focused on function and performance first. We moved to a nested discussion structure with multiple ways to sort threads and replies. If you haven't checked it out yet, spend a minute or two getting familiar with it. Everything loads much faster, especially on mobile devices.


    If you're up for making the switch now, or at least spending time in both, I'd appreciate it. It will make the transition a bit easier.


    I'll answer a few of the common questions I've gotten below:


    What's happening with these forums?

    At some point next week, we will be starting the migration process. We will be importing the content of these forums into the new forums so your post counts and all the content you've created over the years won't be lost. At that time, we will be closing these forums. I'll give everyone at least 24 hours notice before the migration begins.


    How do I post images or style my content with the new forums?

    We've moved to a Markdown system instead of the current WYSIWYG editor. You can actually do a lot with it if you spend a few minutes learning the syntax. Here's a guide that can help. We're sticking with Markdown, but I'm investigating editor options to see if I can make the process of creating stylized posts a bit easier. If I can make it happen, making complex posts on mobile will be easier.


    What about avatars, icons, name colors, etc.?

    We focused on core functionality and performance first. This stuff is coming and won't be lost.


    Will I keep my Muthead OVR?

    The plan is to freeze Muthead OVRs and migrate them over. Whatever OVR you have on that day, you'll keep for a while until we can rewrite the system that calculates it. Keep in mind that when we bring it back, there will be significant differences since some of the features it currently depends on won't be there.


    What is happening with MH Credits?

    We have already rewritten the MH Credits system and we'll likely launch it next week. All of your MH Credit totals will carry over and MH Credit transactions will be frozen on old.muthead.com. I'm currently working on rewriting the raffles system so there aren't any gaps there. We won't migrate MH Credits until raffles are ready to go.


    I'm sure you guys will have many more questions. Leave them below and I'll answer as many as I can.

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    Quote from szn4munching >>
    Quote from GameAce92 >>
    Quote from szn4munching >>

    Just curious, is there any reward for contributing such as MHC?

     The reward is contributing to an awesome community and helping make this the most reliable MUT resource there is.

    Nah that’s the reward for putting up with the ads that completely take over my phone’s internet browser

    That's something I can promise. I'll remove ads for anyone that contributes data.

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    Quote from szn4munching >>

    Just curious, is there any reward for contributing such as MHC?

    There is not. I can see who is providing the data and I'll do my best to reward those who are putting in significant effort. I'm not promising anything though.

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    Hey guys, some of you might have noticed I pushed out a new section on player pages to show what Abilities that player can get. Here's an example:





    Unfortunately EA does not provide us with this data, so I need help filling it in. I'm focusing on Power Ups first because those are the players most people apply Abilities to.

    How You Can Help

    If you're willing to help out leave a reply to this thread and let me know. I can flag your account for editor access. There's a form where you check the boxes for each slot that corresponds to what Abilities a player can get. For Power Ups, we're assuming max tier. All I'm asking is that you fill in data for players you currently use since you have to look in game to see what Abilities are available per slot.


    For any players you fill in, you'll get your name on that player's ability page like in the above screenshot. I'm really looking for any of you Theme Team masters because you'll have players powered up that most of us will not.


    Unfortunately it's not as simple as just applying the logic from the spreadsheet EA published as that only applies to Slot 3. Torry Holt can get Streak Specialist and Slot Apprentice, but only in Slot 3. That means he can't get both at the same time.


    Once we have enough data coverage, I will be adding a filter on the player page so that you can search the database by Abilities. I don't want to add it too soon or people will assume it just doesn't work since the data is so incomplete right now.


    Legend has also created a private Discord for community members willing to help. He will be inviting you to it so that we can coordinate our efforts.


    If you have any questions, just leave a reply.




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    I know it's not the answer you want, but you responded about two hours after the deadline. This was rerolled long before you got back to us. We have reroll times to keep things moving and we do our best to be clear about that. Thanks for watching FNF last night. Sorry this one didn't work out.

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    Quote from Dislimb420 >>

    I just want MUT 20 items to show up in the search bar in the top right instead of still displaying MUT 19 items. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    That's just an issue related to the fact forums are on the old site and everything else is on the new site. We're working towards moving everything to the new site which will fix that problem.

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    Quote from chillibud2 >>

    Any time frame on the return of the watchlist feature?  IF it is returning.

    It is returning, but it's less useful if you don't have the ability to refresh prices on demand. We have a few features/improvement scheduled ahead of it.

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    Quote from Everest_Bound >>

    I have a question regarding pricing abuse:

    I'm not sure what type of abuse you're getting but I'm assuming it's a lot of requests that basically amount to too many at one time. 

    Have your explored only allowing verified MH accounts or something along those lines the ability to refresh prices?

    Perhaps accounts that verify their email or even accounts that have at least X amount of posts or have been around for X amount of days?


    I know you have cloudfare ddos protection but wondering if something else can be done.

    Ideally our prices system is able to identify players of high interest and keep their prices updated constantly. That's what I'm working towards right now.


    I doubt we'll ever get to 100% on that. The next step is to give price refresh access to accounts that we can be nearly certain are honest users. We track how accounts interact with pricing data, so if anyone abuses it, we can lock them out.


    Right now about 10,000 accounts can refresh prices on demand. We're looking to expand that in the near future.

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    Quote from Juicy_J_8787 >>

    So when will MUThead not be 2 different sites? Man I’ve known you since MUT12 and you’ve never let it slide this badly. If you’re busy with other stuff, cool, but this site needs more attention from somebody. There needs to be a complete overhaul on the forums too. I’m just sayin, I wouldn’t be giving feedback if I didn’t care. 

    I can't give you a hard date, but it is a priority to get us on more modern forums and get off of the old site altogether. It's not a good situation for anyone to have things split like this.

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    Hey everyone, it has been a while since my last update. If you've been using Muthead for years, you know our prices have sucked this year. There's no other way to put it. We removed the ability for most users to trigger on-demand price updates. This was a source of a lot of abuse from coin selling sites and it was causing performance issues for the site in general. For more info, feel free to read over part 1:



    Our first attempt at keeping prices updated failed for a variety of reasons and I'm sure many of you noticed that we had player items that went days between price updates. That's obviously not acceptable and we've spent a lot of time fixing this in a way that will hold up even under heavy web traffic.


    I have good news! Today we rolled out a new pricing system that we wrote from the ground up to keep prices fresh for players that matter. We're constantly tracking which player prices pages are being viewed and the most popular players will never be more than 5 minutes out of date. Even the least relevant players will be refreshed at least once per day. The rest will fall somewhere in between.


    The new system provides us a lot of flexibility to determine how often we should refresh players based on their popularity. I'll be watching things closely and making adjustments as necessary. If you see players that you feel should be updated more frequently than they are, send me a note and I'll look into it.


    Thanks for your patience while we worked on the rewrite of the Muthead Prices system. If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I'll do my best to respond to everyone.




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    Quote from bc_irish >>

    Same here.  Been active 3+ years and visit the site multiple times per day but just don’t post much. 🥺

    I'm going to be doing what I can to get as many people pricing access as possible. My goal is that any honest user that won't abuse the system can get access. I'm still working on a few details, but accounts that have been in good standing for multiple years is a good next step in my opinion.

    Quote from Speedy4451 >>

    Guess we’ll have to use daddy league more then.  24 hour pricing updates doesn’t do you a lot of good. 

    To be clear, the only players I intend to have only one update a day are players that aren't really relevant. The automated refreshes will handle a lot of the players and when anyone with pricing access refreshes a player, everyone benefits from the new data -- whether you can refresh prices yourself or not.

    Quote from Swoosh >>

    Awesome! Is it live now? I’m still unable to update prices?



    It is. It should work the same way as last year. If you don't see the option on player pricing pages, send me a PM and I'll look into it for you.

    Quote from matthewbacon14 >>

    Thanks Rocketz! Are there plans to bring back the watchlist or something similar in the future? That is always one of my favorite tools on here.

    I do plan to do that. There are a few things that are a little higher on my priority list that I'll be working on over the next week or two. It's something that I plan to circle back on. I use it too. It got bumped down the list a little bit given the fact that it's not nearly as useful when not everyone can trigger price updates.

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    Hey everyone,


    If you've used Muthead Prices over the past few years, you're used to updating prices on-demand as necessary. We're making a few changes this year. Refreshing prices will no longer be publicly available to anyone who uses Muthead. Instead, we're taking a two step approach to keeping prices updated:


    1. We have a system that automatically will refresh prices that hit an out-of-date threshold that we set. We have a lot of flexibility to determine how recent prices should be based on a specific player and platform. No prices will ever be more than 24 hours old, and relevant players should have much more recent prices. There's still more work to do here, but it's a top priority for us.


    2. We've moved to a white list approach to determine who can update prices in real time like past seasons. If you had a Muthead OVR of at least 70 today, you have that permission. It should work the exact same way you're used to. To be clear, this isn't a perk of 70 Muthead OVR that everyone gets when they get that threshold. I'll be adding more people to this white list as the year goes on.


    Unfortunately we had to make these changes due to certain users/groups/websites abusing our pricing system. We're committed to having the best pricing data we possibly can given the circumstances.


    If you have any questions, feel free to leave a reply.





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