Roccodag has received 38 Muthead Honor from 20 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 mrnfl123Jul 23, 2017Happy birthday!
1 bloodysycophantJul 23, 2017Happy Birthday
1 Bones939Jul 23, 2017Happy birthday
4 packskinsftwJul 8, 2017Sorry for fuckin up your pickem mojo lol
1 EVILKNIJun 1, 2017Congrats on 1-year!
1 mrnfl123Apr 29, 2017Very honored to have you as a clanmate.
1 bloodysycophantApr 22, 2017Nice trolling of Harden. Well played.
2 EVILKNIApr 11, 2017AWKN - Thanks for helping me hit legend
1 BlackandgoldhawksApr 10, 2017Thanks for all the help getting me into AWKN
1 mrnfl123Mar 4, 2017Great clan member
1 t1j2mFeb 26, 2017for the hosting a generou giveaway of both MHC/MM coins, members like yourself make the Muthead community an enjoyable place to be a part of
1 Eddiedreher82Feb 16, 2017For donating to my giveaway and being a great clanmate. Thanks bro
1 Antron77Feb 13, 2017Ty for the tips on getting my ovr up!
1 dustincooFeb 3, 2017Great Clan Mate
1 EVILKNIJan 18, 2017Thanks for the vouch!
1 RshootsJan 6, 2017Thank you for the poor predictions. (You stacked the deck against yourself!) Great giveaway.
2 TLP2007Dec 26, 2016Being an awesome AWKN member! And a great squad leader!
1 bloodysycophantDec 25, 2016Merry Christmas
1 LSUmcDec 11, 2016Great member of community and clan. Belated honor for receiving the officer rank in clan as based on merit and vote by board. Congrats
1 EVILKNIDec 2, 2016Congrats on officer Rank! sweet avi.....Ross for President
1 bloodysycophantDec 1, 2016Congrats on officer. Nice work
1 XhellhamerXNov 1, 2016For being a great representation of the clans principles and earned ascended status.
1 NotACow42Sep 2, 2016Thanks for being one of my biggest backers!
5 ballallday7Aug 19, 2016Rocco got me into his league, gave me his sniping filters, and is an all around great friend. Thanks for everything man!!!
1 JDSpadeAug 12, 2016Nice giveaways for the community!