RetroBurg85 has received 22 Muthead Honor from 12 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 WizDragonXboxApr 30, 2017Real chill guy! Solid lineup squad! - WDX
1 tfowDec 21, 2016Quick and easy MHC trade
1 joonbugzOct 27, 2016Great MH,
3 FatWhiteRabbitOct 19, 2016You know why ;-)
1 lethal_ninja420Oct 18, 2016My man is always being supportive and active for the clan. Admits his faults and is a stand-up competitor.
1 FatWhiteRabbitOct 17, 2016For leading my friend list in H2H wins
1 veerubAug 8, 2016Always keeping it real , great clan member
1 SOSE55Aug 8, 2016Thanks for being a big part of the clan!!!
1 lethal_ninja420Jul 23, 2016Honor recognition for Promotion to Executive Officer Clan Rank.
1 veerubJul 8, 2016for being a legit clan homie
1 SeeMeNoMoore00Jul 4, 2016Great clan-mate!
1 lethal_ninja420Jul 3, 2016#HTTR MFL 2X CHAMP!
1 FatWhiteRabbitJun 6, 2016good dude, good clan, good humor....most honorable indeed
1 bcc24May 22, 2016great guy to deal with A+
1 cheifdebluntMay 13, 2016this dude right here is legit and a good guy!!!!!!
1 lethal_ninja420May 11, 2016Original MFL members circle...solid dude
1 Stevenray24Apr 15, 2016Respectable member and awesome clan mate
2 rsk270Apr 14, 2016We've helped each other out a lot this year. It's an honor to be in the same clan as you sir.
1 joonbugzApr 9, 2016Soli guy all around!