RaiderNation123 has received 127 Muthead Honor from 45 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 ShoujinkoJun 24, 2017Helped me with my giveaway thanks man
5 hansenm72Jun 22, 2017removing sigs changed my life. great tip! not sure why I never knew it existed
1 diimsday1044Jun 12, 2017all around great mutheader !!!!
3 JTCarpenterJun 7, 2017For always helping the community and being a positive member. Keep it up bud!
1 Wickedpist1Jun 6, 2017thanks for helping with BBU. much respect
1 kanMay 14, 2017sexy mofo
5 chinospikes_35May 14, 2017Great find! Saving mobile users the world over!
1 FitPittsMay 9, 2017Thanks for the help with the BWW icon!
1 Elswick37May 9, 2017BBU
1 Croll_DaddyMay 6, 2017Sustained Excellence - thank you for your support and work of BBU
1 Beastmode051112May 6, 2017Bbu is first class and thanks
5 MicVick7Apr 6, 2017Great mh/slack member
4 tricky80gMar 26, 2017A great mher always helpin others!
1 Gamecock224Mar 22, 2017I remember the days back in [GOD]... Husky is one of the more funny and legit members on the site.
1 kanMar 21, 2017Cuz you are a nice guy despite being a raiders fan!
5 c_gmzMar 20, 2017For being a great and trusted member of this community...From a BBU Grad!
1 buyanetMar 14, 2017Thanks for all your help in BBU!!
1 Croll_DaddyMar 7, 2017BBU Support - Thank you sir
10 Cam_6Feb 26, 2017Happy B-Day, Awesome MH Member :)
1 t1j2mFeb 26, 2017happy bday to a great member of the MH community, always enjoy chatting on slack and appreciate all you do to keep the community fun&helpful
3 Capt_AwesmeFeb 14, 2017For going above and beyond. Thank You
1 collinkFeb 12, 2017Thanks for reporting that Gauntlet bug
1 chandlerr85Feb 4, 2017that joke was sooooooooo funny
1 HailToTheRedskins24Jan 29, 2017Rigged
2 Klee9163Jan 19, 2017Cheesiest name on Muthead