RaiderLegendSF has received 64 Muthead Honor from 31 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 toprankedmutinworldJan 3, 2018Nice dude thanks for helping other people out
3 ScallywhaggDec 5, 2017Brotha from anotha motha
10 i_throw_bombsOct 14, 2017you the best
3 jeh611Sep 9, 2017Great job with the PACK! Color up.
2 markymarkmfbAug 22, 2017Thank you for the gift my friend and thanks for making MH a great place to be.
1 Stinger82Aug 17, 2017Cool clan leader thanks for having me
1 NykeStormAug 14, 2017For all the continued support.
1 C1TYH1CKAug 13, 2017For giving me a muthome
2 xBengalsx18Aug 10, 2017Just for the effort put in that I have been reading for the last hour making me die laughing
2 BreezeThruMediaAug 6, 2017Just an awesome supporter of my work and a great influence on the graphics community.
1 RWatts35Jul 29, 2017This is long overdue. You're a great guy and I wanted to show my appreciation. Thanks for being a friend. God bless you brother !!!
2 ScallywhaggJul 28, 2017Thanks for everything man!!'
1 MakerJul 21, 2017The Pack is a lot stronger with you in the foundation. Keep up the great work!
1 Lb33wonkaJul 17, 2017Thanks for the giveaway brother ! Welcome back
1 Blanko87Jun 21, 2017Thanks for buying that avi for me bro, that was very generous of you!
1 CillidogJun 18, 2017So much for that slump, huh?
1 DanavanxJun 7, 2017May RUSH member of the month
2 c_gmzJun 1, 2017Great guy and Muthead'er :)
1 DanavanxMay 29, 2017I know I am late, but congrats on ELITE!
1 TheLegend5632May 28, 2017SFG nation. Great friend and great clanmate
1 jeh611May 24, 2017Continues to give to the community. Great Startto Muthead career!
1 TheFit1May 23, 2017Awesome member! Generously offers fun giveaways too!
1 LBJMay 18, 2017Huge congratulations on 2000 posts, as well as great work with the Mobile Player Reviews Thread!!
1 TralinskiMay 16, 2017For being an all around great MH'er and clan mate!
1 Shemmar2KMay 16, 2017Keep up the great work