Quickwig has received 100 Muthead Honor from 27 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
4 dustincooFeb 3, 2017A+ Clan Mate
1 bcc24Jan 17, 2017AWKN
2 Takeflight138Dec 18, 2016Thanks for the O-line help! Hopefully it works well for me.
1 EVILKNINov 30, 2016thanks for the work in AWKN and congrats on Ascended rank
1 prestonporter53Nov 19, 2016One of the best
1 XhellhamerXNov 1, 2016Honor and Elite rank in the clan for an AWKN OG who has always represented the clan with honorable actions
2 GuzguzmanSep 8, 2016Good guy right here.
1 robby47834Sep 3, 2016Super Super guy, Great communications, fair pricing, instant transactions A++++ service and I look forward to do this again
1 robby47834Aug 30, 2016Super trader did two differant deals on high end players, he went first both times. A++
1 splitlimits2040Aug 2, 2016Good trading partner, would recommend to anyone
1 PerfectsilJul 22, 2016Quick & sucessful trade
1 jyun127Jul 18, 2016Was very patient with me for a deal involving 4oj B.Marsh. Thanks quick!!
1 t1j2mJul 3, 2016nice to have members like yourself contributing to the positive/enjoyable experience, your generosity is much appreciated
1 bcc24Jun 29, 2016great clan mate
1 XhellhamerXJun 26, 2016for his tireless work in our clan A+ member
1 GiantsFan001Jun 25, 2016future hall of fame in the making
1 chinospikes_35Jun 12, 2016Done some smooth no-hassle deals and had some fun h2h matches. Awesome dude!
1 FatWhiteRabbitJun 1, 2016Good honest bro that offers sound advice
1 bcc24May 23, 2016Very friendly and great to talk to
2 basebaldy1May 16, 2016Thanks for a smooth and easy deal man! Looking forward to more in the future!
1 dustincooMay 14, 2016Thanks man!
3 Bigbluehouse1Apr 11, 2016Thanks for trade