Purplep1199 has received 44 Muthead Honor from 21 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 Ccrane9Jun 21, 2018Thanks for posting Cam's ratings
3 jrad7080Jan 21, 2018Yes Sir!!!
6 jeh611Dec 10, 2017Congrats on 10K, Big Win and Giveaway!! Color up.
1 t1j2mDec 10, 2017congrats on the big W and 10k post milestone. very kind of you to spread the joy to others, thanks for your generosity
3 JTCarpenterSep 3, 2017Made a quick an easy MHC deal with me. A very trustworthy member! Thanks for the efficiency bud! :)
1 BlackandgoldhawksAug 29, 2017Great member of the site. Thanks!
1 markymarkmfbAug 6, 2017Thank you for the giveaway. Straight up great guy. An asset to the MH community.
5 Mr_Primetime_21Jul 26, 2017Smooth MHC transaction with him. Reliable and honest trader
1 FattyMcButterpantsJul 24, 2017Egg envy. Lol
2 OhCaptain19Jun 6, 2017Thanks for the giveaway my friend, the mhc is much appreciayed!
1 DavisthefreemanJun 1, 2017colors
1 NickgoMay 29, 2017appreciate your willingness to work with me and your flexibility
3 jrad7080May 28, 2017Congrats on reaching that Smurf status!
1 mcharles51Apr 8, 2017GREAT COMMUNITY MEMBER
2 pdcameronSep 30, 2016hullo butter, granite
2 i4luvofthegameSep 15, 2016My VA homie! Honored to have you as a clanmate!
2 jrad7080Aug 25, 2016Thanks for being a great Enforcer!
1 samurijohnAug 22, 2016Great guy right here.
1 Swing4TheFencesAug 2, 2016Thanks for all your help!
1 EazySteezy33Jul 26, 2016Thanks for all the effort, Purp!
1 Lb33wonkaJul 24, 20166th thank you
1 BDavis7Jul 3, 2016GLUCK MAN, HOPE U HIT
1 Bigbluehouse1Jul 1, 2016RIP Kate
1 samurijohnJun 8, 2016Been a good clan member to me.
1 t1j2mJun 4, 2016your 1st recognition is well overdue, happy to be the one to do it. giving back to all of those members in need