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1 Boss1089Feb 18, 2020Love the giveaways
10 BlackandgoldhawksJan 22, 2020Great job with the giveaways
4 Boss1089Jan 7, 2020Thanks for keeping these giveaways going
1 panduh18Jan 6, 2020still can't believe you're doing these giveaways. Thank you
5 ryanromprey12Jan 4, 2020Nomination for people who deserved to be recognized.
1 t1j2mSep 3, 2019officially retiring from your daily giveaways with zero wins but wanted to send some more honor contributing to a positive culture
3 xXcGil18XxApr 8, 2019Thanks for the giveaway sir!
1 Stoney_05Mar 12, 2019Thanks for the daily giveaways my man. Much love!!!
3 DavisthefreemanJan 27, 2019Thanks for the raok
1 imarino13Jan 11, 2019Still killing it with the Giveaways!
1 imarino13Jan 4, 2019Thanks for the daily Giveaways!
2 DavisthefreemanDec 31, 2018Still doing thos daily giveaways proud of u man Happy new years
1 bruinrogueDec 31, 2018Thank you for your daily giveaways!
1 MrWoof10Dec 8, 2018As a thanks from everyone, for your daily giveaways
1 usctrojans14Nov 27, 2018Thanks for your everyday giveaways!
3 SaviorsNov 9, 2018Thank you for everything you do for the community
3 aondis1Nov 8, 2018For all you do and your giveaways! You are a true leader on MH!
1 mattthegreat2156Oct 28, 2018Congrats on 500 giveaways!
2 mattthegreat2156Oct 17, 2018For 5k posts! Thanks for being a great member!
2 bruinrogueAug 16, 2018Giveaway thanks!
1 chargersrock54Aug 12, 2018See a lot of positives from you! Keep up the good work.
1 Biggamerben86Aug 9, 2018Thanks for the trade.
2 NykeStormAug 1, 2018Giveaway thanks!!!
1 deweydecimaledJul 17, 2018For the daily giveaways my bro
3 tgaraJul 6, 2018Thanks for your daily giveaway!