PatNation has received 103 Muthead Honor from 24 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 Xxswaggerp84xxMay 12, 2016Anotha one for pat!
1 HTTRJustinMay 12, 2016For a great leader and putting up with me. Thanks for recruiting me along with Brandon. I owe you a lot.
1 Xxswaggerp84xxMay 12, 2016For a great clan leader! Expect more over the next few
2 misk53May 6, 2016Great leader and a genuinely good person.
2 bamafan99May 5, 2016Great leader and a very honorable man!
10 GOPACKERS2909May 2, 2016Amazing leader! Also knows what the best sport is ;) #HonorTheHonorable
10 Brandonbs_21May 2, 2016To my best friend on mh. Could not ask for a better co. Thank you
1 Xxswaggerp84xxApr 26, 2016Pat you are a great clan leader and man. GOAT
6 GOPACKERS2909Apr 25, 2016Just legit to the max and always helpful #HonorTheHonorable
1 chuckesmilesApr 24, 2016For being the first one to recruit me to a clan. I owe you for giving me this opportunity.
1 TallbullApr 17, 2016I still think my girls where hotter!!! True storylmao
1 xXcGil18XxApr 13, 2016Congrats on legend. This guy is a great dude. Love discussing sports with him. Congrats again sir.
1 DatB1gKuHuNaMaNApr 12, 2016Gave me a chance to join GOAT, I'm in debt to all of you guys!
7 Brandonbs_21Apr 11, 2016For a awesome co
3 saintsfan42Apr 8, 2016steped in and took over the clan and has done a stand up job. great job.
3 Niners700Apr 8, 2016Are you Legend now!?
3 Bigbluehouse1Apr 7, 2016Class act here took over clan when they needed a true leader
1 SquawkboxxApr 7, 2016Couldn't ask for a more honest and trustworthy MUTHEAD member!
3 Brandonbs_21Apr 7, 2016U da man