• posted a message on Will we have ULs this weekend?

    Can I ask this question? All we’ve talked about is how expensive legends are to train. Don’t we think an UL will be even worse? Just saying...

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  • posted a message on FIRST 115 OVR PLAYER RELEASED

    Here’s my ONLY issue with crazy overalls. If stats don’t play over 99, there is absolutely no point to them. Can we get anybody to clarify this point?


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  • posted a message on Anything make you illogically mad/annoyed?

    I’m annoyed by people who stare at the McDonalds drive thru menu for 10 minutes like there’s something new. I mean come on. THEY’VE SERVED OVER A BILLION PEOPLE, I KNOW YOU WERE ONE OF THEM...

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  • posted a message on TOTY Mccoy Speed Boost worth it?

    If you enjoy spin moves and jukes, he’s a no brainer. I’m loving him at HB. All comes down to truck vs. juke, although shady trucks just fine for me also.

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  • posted a message on Is there any legends worth having?

    I am enjoying J. Randle trained to 100 and Lawrence Taylor trained to 105. Both are very nice, but just so $$$ to train.

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  • posted a message on How About a Little Wednesday Morning Perspective.....YEAH, I'M TALKING TO YOU!

    "Why does a duck have tail feathers? To cover up his butt quack..."


    I don't know why, but that joke makes me laugh every time. It's not hilarious or anything, I just as a 40 year old juvenile delinquent still find anything related to butts funny. Now, let's get to it shall we?


    You know how people complain on here all the time? You know how that then spurs someone to make a thread complaining about the complaining? Well, this is not one of those threads, so sorry to disappoint. Of course by the time I'm done typing it could be, so don't hold me to that. You know, Cap has been doing a lot of thinking, a lot. Things around here sure have gotten grim. Things seem bleak, darkness is on the horizon, there is an uncertainty in the air. Players and Mutheaders you know and love are dropping like flies. People quitting left and right. EA bashing for days and an sense of discomfort that you usually only get when that burning sensation creeps in during your morning pee. Too much? Too familiar? If so I suggest you hit the clinic as soon as you finish your chorizo and eggs.


    Here's the thing, these last two promos have been solid gold. I'm not kidding. We scream at the top of our lungs for EA to level the playing field and give us a chance and when they do, we just don't seem satisfied. EA is a business, they have two objectives in life. One is to make entertaining products for their consumer, the second is to make money. One could even say that making money is more important than entertaining us, but I digress. TOTY was great. 100 ovr players that boost each other and were easy to obtain? Yes please. I mean those of us who believe in the grind are probably sitting with a minimum of 4 players and several of you have 10+. You can't argue with that, it was just too easy. Now this Combine promo drops and it's even easier. You can easily nab 1 elite per day (with the events and 3 60K coin packs), which gives you a 99 ovr player in just 3 days (if not sooner depending on how much MC and stamina you have built through tourney play)! I mean I am fully aware that 99 is the new 90, but still, it is the gift that keeps on giving. Then, top it off with the fact that you build 5 of those 99's and you receive a 100 ovr CJ2K AND you get to keep all 5 99 players. They don't go into the set, they are yours to do with what you please. I mean prices are falling fast, but even if they bottom out at 250K, you could sell all 5 and make 1 million coins off this promo alone! How can you not like that? 


    Sure the card art is no different than last year and the stats aren't mind blowing, but if you could walk away from this promo with either 5 99's and a 100 ovr OR 1 million + and a 100 ovr, OR 1.8 to 2 million (if you sell CJ2K), why wouldn't you be happy? Why would you not enjoy your stay here at the EA Luxury Resort? I mean seriously, enjoy your time, enjoy your grind, find happiness in this silly little game. At some point in this version of the game people are going to have to realize that it is different and the old ways are not coming back. This is the new Madden Mobile. It has good, it has bad, and it has ugly; just like life.


    Speaking of life, let me get to the point. Whatever you are doing right now, stop and think about what is positive in your life. I see people complaining about the bot, worrying about not pulling anything good in packs, jealous of others who succeed in pulling things, arguments over EA intelligence, and just being unpleasant at every turn. I read about kids who are pulling players in class during school and screaming. Put your phone down and learn something. It will be beneficial in the future, I promise. Take school seriously. As a public school principal, I can't stress this enough. Play Madden after school or before school. Get your education, contribute to society and make yourself a leader. Even I shouldn't be typing this right now, but I am on a mandatory conference call for a program I can't afford and won't be getting, so I've got a little time.


    Life moves far too fast to get upset about a game. you blink and you miss it. For me 40 years has vanished. I mean I've got 5 kids and 3 dogs, a mortgage payment, and college tuition staring me in the face and guess what? Life just threw me a knuckle ball. My marriage of 20 years may in fact be over. Just like that. You wake up one day and realize that maybe this just doesn't work anymore. Except you have finances, children, joint friends, etc, etc. No one has been living your life except you and no one knows the struggles you have endured. They only know what they see at a bar or a ballgame or a BBQ. They know the show you put on, but nobody ever really knows what is happening. So when things get to the point of no return, you are on an island, all alone wondering how you got to this point. You are all of a sudden faced with the prospect of changing your entire life and trying to convince yourself that you are not a failure. There is no way to prepare for it. People say you're nuts. People want to give their opinions (forcefully). Or some people just avoid you like the plague.


    Why am I telling you this? I have no clue. Guess I just needed to vent for a minute because this community has been so good to me for 2 years now. My point is this, if you don't hear anything else I say, just remember to enjoy the little things. A night out with your significant other, having breakfast on Saturday morning with your kids, walking your dog, or just living in the moment. Be nice to people. Do something a little extra for someone. Work hard in school and at your job. Don't take one second for granted and remember that out of all the problems you could be strapped with, they are all worse than your madden mobile experience. This is just a game, so enjoy it like it is. Watch an 8 year old open a Pro Pack and go nuts over the gold player he sees, that will bring you back. Life is about the journey, so take a moment and breathe, you deserve it and the ones you love do to.

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  • posted a message on Should you be able to complete Johnson set in 1 day ?

    So true. I did him today. Easiest master ever.

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  • posted a message on Chris Johnson is pullable in packs
    Quote from JTCarpenter >>
    Quote from Swagamick396 >>

    60k well spent

    almost screamed in the middle of class

     Go back to learning! Trust me, unless you are somebody that absorbs information like a sponge... Play MM outside of class. Your future is more important than this game.
    Anyhow, congrats!
     As a public school principal, I concur. Put the damn game down son. At least until after class. Don’t make this principal call your principal.
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  • posted a message on When to sell Elite Combine Players for most profit?

    These are going to the lowest 99 players in the history of this game. Average stats, super easy to build, and the tourney will only hurt prices. Sell now.

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  • posted a message on TOTY or Combine?

    It's gotta be TOTY. These combine cards are decent, but a 99 just doesn't have the same luster as a 100 anymore. I do not like CJ2K at all and will be keeping my TOTY Shady (the boosts he is getting from my other TOTY players make him light years better). The only Combine player I am interested in is Clowney and I nabbed him already. I may book end with Garrett but we shall see.

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  • posted a message on 99 combine players already under 750k

    Yep: gonna be super cheap.

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  • posted a message on Combine Events, Players, and Sets are LIVE!


    Warriors, Champions, and a CJ2K Master

    More to come...

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  • posted a message on TOTY WR
    Quote from jsokol >>

    Evans should be a no brainer when comparing stats/boosts, so i went with him....and he turned out to be awful. caught 1 of 7 simple passes thrown his way, so to the AH he went. went back to PUP Dez and am much happier

     Wow J, that stinks. Sorry to hear that. Catching is broken and we know that but it seems to hurt some players worse than others.
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  • posted a message on Help with team

    Drop Calvin or Henry.

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  • posted a message on NFL Top 100 Pack Special

    Some of these level up locker items are a joke. I’ve had the Top 100 locker item equipped throughout TOTY and it's level 4. Most days I get 1 collectible. Rarely I might get 2. The best I ever got was 2 collectibles and an 85 ovr player. It’s just so random.



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