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1 BenjaminGaryNov 7, 2019appreciate you stepping in to moderate today. its a thankless job so let me say thanks.
10 tatermanNov 7, 2019DON'T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB
2 Subject2ChangeOct 15, 2019To round it up, and because your posts are always informative and helpful.
1 t1j2mAug 20, 2019as a newly appointed moderator i have yet to express my gratitude, thanks for your contributions to maintaining a helpful/positive community
2 InBrisketWeTrustJul 7, 2019Im bored, give me a warning for something
1 Ccrane9Jun 20, 2019Thanks for updating the database!
1 Sdbolts760Jun 10, 2019For being the captain
1 InBrisketWeTrustJun 7, 2019heard you were a mod, can I post a fun picture from the go jff group chat now;)
1 Ccrane9Apr 24, 2019The Best moderator!
1 RshootsApr 15, 2019Howdy, Sheriff.
5 SpudApr 10, 2019I've enjoyed your past posts. Great to see you as a mod. Congrats!
5 AilmanApr 7, 2019Congrats on the Mod status
5 Sdbolts760Apr 4, 2019Congrats on becoming a MOD!
3 ryanromprey12Apr 4, 2019Congrats on mod my man! Make sure to give me a warning at some point lol
2 Gord0Apr 4, 2019Congrats on MOD
10 EightenderApr 3, 2019Long overdue for your many contributions to the site, congrats on becoming a Mod!
4 ryanromprey12Feb 21, 2019Felt like topping you off. Always appreciate hearing from ya brotha. Saying hi from the rest of us as well.
1 robertk328Feb 18, 2019thanks for the help with TOTY Wags!
1 bethro01Feb 17, 2019It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits. <3
5 Dliebs97Feb 11, 2019Great post my friend, I appreciate the support!
5 seahawks1977Feb 11, 2019Great post!
1 josh2brazyJan 9, 2019stay warm
1 Robrules1Jan 8, 2019Love you boo
10 OldButCanStillBallJan 3, 2019Hard not to get emotional thinking about this guy. He is that cool of a dude. Happy new year my friend
1 mabaeyensDec 14, 2018Thanks for assisting on the all-things-UF thread!