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5 LimerickShawOct 15, 2019Thanks for the trailer!!
4 samurijohnSep 23, 2019Thanks for help with movies.
1 bruinrogueSep 1, 2019Enjoy Kiko.
10 lachrymotionJul 10, 2019Thanks for all your contribution to the Fortnite forum!
3 Gord0Jun 4, 2019Great MH member
2 kingy5797Mar 25, 2019Appreciate reading all your posts. Fantastic MH member.
5 kanMar 22, 2019Even though you are wrong so often, I'll give you 5 honor!
7 mabaeyensMar 7, 2019To your patience in clan and league. Especially league. What a bunch you lead!
1 bethro01Feb 17, 2019It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits. <3
1 WarpedChewieJan 13, 2019Wooooo! NFC Championship here we come buddy!!!
7 TheNYG2016Jan 8, 2019HERO!
1 Swing4TheFencesDec 18, 2018Love what you share in sports discussion forum.
5 HangOnSloopyOct 12, 2018Thanks for spotting me that 2 MHC
1 WarpedChewieOct 8, 2018Drew Brees!!!!!!
2 Gord0Sep 5, 2018Don't always agree with your post but you seem to see both sides of it
1 LaVarBallAug 26, 2018Free Liam!
1 TheRisKJul 20, 2018Thank You
3 bluegrazzcatJun 9, 2018Always enjoy his very insightful posts in GC
7 misk53Jun 6, 2018Contributes to the community with logically created arguments on tough subjects.
3 mchardjJun 1, 2018Great giveaway-I like that band a lot also! Thanks!
2 LaVarBallMay 2, 2018Very insightful member, thanks for all you do!
2 MeMike84Jun 2, 2017see you being a positive contributor. always respectful too in your posts and great insight. quality member! great job man!
1 Ccrane9May 16, 2017Nice work on Boss Event recommendations
1 Bouncer014May 16, 2017Lots of good posts from this man. Always looking to contribute and be helpful. Thanks! :)
1 wprichard55May 11, 2017For explaining how to constructively critique EA well