MrJ has received 507 Muthead Honor from 111 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 Stoney_05Feb 18, 2020Much love amigo
5 korndawgFeb 18, 2020Skol!
1 t1j2mFeb 18, 2020one final recognition to a deserving member before the move
6 bruinrogueFeb 17, 2020500
10 NinerNationFeb 17, 2020Honoring a fantastic mod and excellent contributor to this great site!
10 gametyme89Feb 17, 2020Thanks for being a good MH member!
1 kalledianFeb 17, 2020Here's my last Honor. Let's get YOU one. SKOL
1 NornIronFrozenTundraFeb 17, 2020End of an era
3 bruinrogueFeb 16, 2020Thank you for being a great mod
1 NornIronFrozenTundraJan 7, 2020Thicc and Joocy OBJ
1 Legend69Dec 31, 2019Thank you for all that you do for the site!!!
1 SukAtMutDec 31, 2019For all you do and have done man. Thank you
1 Ccrane9Dec 31, 2019Thanks for running the pack sim fantasy!
5 Bouncer014Dec 30, 2019Thanks for running the pack sim ff giveaway all season! Very generous of you!
4 kanDec 30, 2019Kirk blows! Welcome to 500 honor!
2 bloodysycophantDec 30, 2019For running a fun ff season SKOL
3 kalledianDec 27, 2019Thank you again for organizing the fantasy league! It's so fun
1 Swing4TheFencesDec 19, 2019Great work with pack sim fantasy football
10 dpmx21Oct 22, 2019Pack sim FF giveaway is one of the coolest things on MH. Thanks for all you do man.
3 LBJOct 22, 2019Been a minute since you got one of these, your Pack Sim FF Giveaway is so dope, GL this week against the Skins cause you'll need it ;D
1 korndawgJul 24, 2019Skol! Late congrats to the Mod!
1 55studwellJun 11, 2019For being a cool human being and Vikings fan
2 Gord0Jun 4, 2019Kick ass team
1 Ccrane9Apr 24, 2019The Best moderator!
1 blitzfistApr 11, 2019The database PU filter is my new favorite thing Never knew that was available TY