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10 dpmx21Oct 22, 2019Pack sim FF giveaway is one of the coolest things on MH. Thanks for all you do man.
3 LBJOct 22, 2019Been a minute since you got one of these, your Pack Sim FF Giveaway is so dope, GL this week against the Skins cause you'll need it ;D
1 korndawgJul 24, 2019Skol! Late congrats to the Mod!
1 55studwellJun 11, 2019For being a cool human being and Vikings fan
2 Gord0Jun 4, 2019Kick ass team
1 Ccrane9Apr 24, 2019The Best moderator!
1 blitzfistApr 11, 2019The database PU filter is my new favorite thing Never knew that was available TY
2 ShrekApr 9, 2019HALE yeah
2 Gord0Apr 4, 2019Congrats on MOD
1 diimsday1044Apr 3, 2019congrats on becoming a mod !!!
10 EightenderApr 3, 2019Long overdue for your many contributions to the site, congrats on becoming a Mod!
3 VonMar 17, 2019For all you do around here
1 LuckyLindy84Mar 7, 2019Appreciate all you do, brother. Hope you’re enjoying that Vikes theme this year!
1 Stoney_05Feb 15, 2019SKOL Vikings!!!
1 mchardjFeb 15, 2019Awesome XP post; thanks!
5 Slammer4244Jan 4, 2019For always being one of the true best members we have and everything you do for us.Keep up the great work bud.
2 SquawkboxxJan 4, 2019Thanks for the playoff thread!
1 blitzfistJan 4, 2019Thanks for playoff promo post Happy Friday
2 markhunzJan 2, 2019Providing good info
3 Street_SpiritDec 30, 2018400 is a good #! Thanks for all the purple related info, Skol!
3 kalledianDec 19, 2018SKOL
1 WizDragonXboxDec 14, 2018Helpful in so many ways .. I've lost count!
3 kalledianNov 19, 2018SKOL
1 Throw_up_tha_XNov 14, 2018Thanks 4 the ptp update!
10 xXcGilmer18XxNov 13, 2018Thanks for hooking me up sir, very much appreciated.