Morphiii has received 35 Muthead Honor from 22 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 Zeuswp34Oct 17, 2017Easy to work with. Fluid and fast transaction. Would definitely work with him again.
1 SadSmilezSep 13, 2017Excellent work on the MHC spreadsheet
1 dolphaholicJun 28, 2017Best sportsbook on Muthead
1 LBJJun 27, 2017Great work with the bethouse, miss being in the league with you all that time ago - keep up the good stuff!
5 Dwar13Mar 29, 2017Thanks for the solid fast deal
1 Primetime_VolMar 15, 2017Love the avi man
1 dmichalikMar 7, 2017Honor for the positive contributions to the community- great work, brother
1 IntheFACE75Feb 11, 2017For starting an epic clan for people that need it
1 ZimTzuFeb 6, 2017Solid write up and welcome back
1 JONNYMACK1184Aug 31, 2016thanks for helping me out with the AH problem
1 FrenchToastMafiaAug 31, 2016Thank you for helping me transfer coins and make a deal!! Appreciate it!!
1 ppatton17Aug 21, 2016Damn good MHC trader, keeps it simple and quick.
1 Hatman11Aug 13, 2016Great member who has done countless things to make muthead great
1 Robrules1Aug 4, 2016#1 spammer, lol
1 dmichalikJul 27, 2016Honor for the good contributions to our threads! Keep up the good work, brother!!
1 diimsday1044Jul 20, 2016For standing up for what he believes
1 Ph33rTreyJul 10, 2016Thank you for being a friend
1 Croll_DaddyJul 3, 2016Nice Discusion on the crisis in England
2 bdog80Jun 27, 2016Did a deal with him. It took me a while to get the ball rolling, and he was never pushy about it of seconded guessing.
6 GOPACKERS2909Apr 28, 2016Love your gfx and was a amazing leage mate in mm. Get a new color buddy! #HonorTheHonorable
2 Slammer4244Apr 12, 2016Hey you won my Keep up the awesome work bud and congrats.
1 Ccrane9Apr 8, 2016nice organized Exchane Thread in Mobile MHC forum
1 mikev1952Apr 7, 2016For all you do..thanks bro