Maddenbert has received 46 Muthead Honor from 26 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 usctrojans14Aug 7, 2019Super helpful, sad to see you quit
1 Ccrane9Aug 3, 2019Thanks for the pro pack results
1 tamc93Aug 3, 2019For remaining a considerate member of MH
1 Ccrane9Aug 30, 2018Thanks for the generous giveaway
2 tamc93Aug 29, 2018For a great member of the MH community
10 nick_iz_Di3harddud3Sep 28, 2017saved my mm sccount
3 mmEricmmSep 8, 2017Great Member. Needed some advice and he answered quickly. Awesome!
1 redbull_221Sep 2, 2017Thanks for the filter man
1 xprrtSep 2, 2017Thank you for the sniping filter buddy!
1 tamc93Aug 24, 2017For being a considerate member of MH
1 JacoBee93Aug 14, 2017Thank you for welcoming!
1 jim89402Aug 7, 2017Good guy, thanks for being cool while trading
2 TheMaddenGuru24Aug 6, 2017Great snipeaways, way to put some excitement back into the end of the season
3 InfinityBeastAug 5, 2017Thank you for all the help, making the next two days stress free and finishing my team
2 ryman10210Jul 23, 2017That giveaway was a blast!
1 madtiger925Jul 23, 2017Such a cool giveaway!
1 jrotogeekJul 13, 2017Nice on you helping a kid finish his team. Dangit, jaws did this too!
1 jawabombJul 13, 2017For your generous donation to those less fortunate :)
2 OhCaptain19Jul 13, 2017For helping a fellow Mutheader out on AH4! Good stuff man!
1 RWatts35Jun 11, 2017Now you have 10. New color unlocked for text.
1 TheDakAttackJun 10, 2017Thanks for helping me make good bets and donating some MHC earlier today!
1 saintsfan42Jun 7, 2017Congrats on Hitting Elite. Keep up the good work I'm very impressed.
1 Mranarchy420Jun 5, 2017For hitting elite congrats
1 Boss1089Jun 5, 2017 Welcome to RISE
1 feedthemonsterJun 5, 2017Thanks for looking out for me bud