Mad_Doctorr has received 112 Muthead Honor from 37 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 yusuf1180Aug 16, 2017Doc knows whats good for me
1 Fitz097Aug 13, 2017Amazing Friend Thanks Doc
1 JdogcaLJul 24, 2017Great clanmate. thanks for the bdubs help even though i took the L
9 hookrightthurJun 26, 2017Been holding the community down for a long time! Lots of positive efforts bud! Round it to a clean dollar bill
1 EightenderJun 24, 2017for your help today
7 OhCaptain19Jun 2, 2017Let's get your honor up to 80, because you deserve every single one! 1 of my favorite Mutheaders of all time!
1 miafinsJun 1, 2017Thanks for the donation Doctor! #JFF
1 TheFit1May 31, 2017Here's #82 for someone I enjoy here on the forums
1 DaBears4LyfeMay 30, 2017Great Member and contributor!
5 EightenderMay 25, 2017Unsung hero of the site. I've lost track of how many Alt's have been caught because of him. Great Clanmate too.
1 MVPFolesMay 18, 2017Late GRats on that Blue suit!
1 JcurtismmMay 16, 2017Thanks for the giveaway donation!
2 SchwagzorMay 10, 2017Congrats on Legend. Thank you for being a great HIT clan mate and community member.
1 GOPACKERS2909May 6, 2017Cool guy, but not ssure why he's always so dang serious??? Whatever... ;)
10 Tdunks72May 6, 2017Doc is an all around great guy. Always positive and a true asset to mh and HIT
1 Xcritic187Apr 10, 2017Let's get you a new color brother
1 OhCaptain19Apr 10, 2017Thanks for giving back to the giveaway!!
1 Ph33rTreyFeb 17, 2017Thank you for the opportunity and selecting me as a Winner! Your still the [HIT] GOAT
2 Ph33rTreyFeb 17, 2017Thank you for giving me the opportunity and selecting me as a Winner! [HIT
3 EndWishFeb 14, 2017Random acts of kindness ;)
1 HangOnSloopyFeb 12, 2017All around good guy.
1 pfb_threeJan 3, 2017Thank you for helping my find a league for my MM alt.
4 SchwagzorNov 1, 2016Great trick or treat idea. Very generous. Thanks for being a great member and clan mate.
1 1234RuinedNov 1, 2016Real positive member of our clan and just a genuine guy. Glad he's my clanmate.
1 rdonn27Sep 27, 2016Thank you for donating to my giveaway