MVPFoles has received 60 Muthead Honor from 22 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
7 GameAce92May 17, 2019Thanks for the Zach Brown tip! 60!
1 PhillynGoodJul 30, 2017Way to rep the birds in MM
1 NinerNationMay 18, 2017For welcoming me into HIT!
1 GOPACKERS2909May 6, 2017For one of my favorite members on this site, enjoy this honor.
7 AJGPHILSFAN22May 5, 2017Helping a friend with a project
1 Fitz097Mar 1, 2017Hit Bro!!! Amazing friend and know i can trust him
1 generalmyrickNov 26, 2016thanks!
1 pfb_threeNov 23, 2016Thank you for donating to my giveaway.
8 MGOBLUE03Nov 5, 2016cant believe ive never given you honor before! great member, very nice and appreciative!
2 Mr1_on1Nov 4, 2016Great mutheader with a very positive attitude thanks for all you do sir!
10 Mooks101Oct 17, 2016Generous mutheader that deserves a lot more. Thanks for the gesture! It has been noticed :)
1 Ph33rTreyOct 14, 2016GOAT
2 HomelandDefenseOct 4, 2016Sorry for the wait on the GFX.
1 Baltimore_BallaSep 27, 2016Generous&Great member
3 GOPACKERS2909Sep 26, 2016Philly is a great dude and mh member :)
1 SchwagzorSep 1, 2016Thanks for being a great MUTheader and being so friendly.
2 GOPACKERS2909Sep 1, 2016Great friend and member of the HITmen!
1 Ph33rTreyAug 12, 2016To my [HIT] Brother & a friend who I've been blessed to meet: I truly appreciate everything you do for us & our MH community
1 LordKakuzuJul 14, 2016Great clanmate and friend. Always chill to talk to and always willing to help others with anything he can.
1 Ph33rTreyJul 14, 2016To a Great Mobile Madden Gamer
1 Bigbluehouse1Jul 1, 2016RIP Kate
1 t1j2mMay 29, 2016for a fellow Eagles' phaithful who demosntrates what it is to make a community thrive and a place where people enjoy their time. thanks!!!
1 Hatman11May 14, 2016Great member and clanmate also an Eagles fan
1 lachrymotionMay 7, 2016Another honor for Philly. True asset to MH
1 Tdunks72May 5, 2016Solid Mutheader and a great HIT clanmate