MUTandstuff has received 50 Muthead Honor from 10 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
9 kpreyesSep 3, 2017Nice guy, always had good interactions! Former AVI customer as well!
1 LBJJun 27, 2017Much appreciated man, thanks for that, happy Friday! ;0
1 miket5Jun 24, 2017What up bud
1 flex1515Jun 21, 2017Completed a large trade with no issues, great dude can't wait to deal with again
1 JaketlarsenMay 14, 2017Pleasure doing business
3 BogusBirmApr 29, 2017Borrowed a card worth a million coins and returned it with no problems
2 miket5Apr 21, 2017Hey mas
1 miket5Feb 5, 2017great clan mate
1 miket5Dec 25, 2016merry christmas
5 BogusBirmDec 18, 2016MAS is the man always a great active clanmate, helps keep the recruiting thread bumpin and is great friend. Go Pats!!
5 miket5Nov 15, 2016Tough season for the Bears
3 miket5Jul 9, 2016Great member and even better clan mate
2 BraskillaJun 2, 2016^thinks he is better than me in Halo lmao, MAS is a great dude, great friend!
2 Adopolus234Apr 30, 2016Awesome giveaway
7 MADDOG619Apr 23, 2016to a awesome clan mate and member of the community
3 MADDOG619Apr 16, 2016this guy is a model for this community.
3 Brandonbs_21Apr 12, 2016For being my friend and is always there when I need some1 to talk 2